We (Chloe & Ghislaine aka Clo and Gigi) created this little spot on the internet because … well because we wanted to, but more so just as a means to communicate some inspiring words, tips and healthy thoughts and advice on things we like in this world – which you may also like to read about.

Just a little bit about us; We like to read magazines, watch Strictly Come Dancing, drink prosecco and go on holiday. Lazy. But just being honest. However, we also like to learn about the world and all the amazing people in it who inspire and motivate us.

Typically, we like fashion, food (obviously) and fitness. So, through this page you can read our fun related articles that all aim to inspire.

We also like to share the love for some of our favourite products, our individual styles, movie reviews (old and new), beauty (and booty) tips as well as our thoughts on some pretty cool places to travel and visit.

We also have ‘The Edit’ page where you can check out some of our fashionable tastes.

There really is something for everyone so feel free to stop by whenever you can with a glass of wine – or a bottle if with friends. Come browse our photos and we invite all your comments so type away.

All the love,

Clo & GiGi


Β πŸ™‚

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