Hola, como estas? Long time no see…

Hello beautiful people



It’s almost been a whole blummin’ year since we last posted. Yet it actually feels like it was last Friday. Let us just step out of our time warp yea.

Why haven’t we posted?

You know why.

Life just got in the way.

“Amen sisters. We feel ya”

We knew you’d relate.

But here we are, back once again to feed our creative juices, write, reflect and spread some love wherever we can and to whoever may need it. If it’s your first time to our blog page, then Hola, welcome. We are Clo and Gigi – sometimes enemy’s sisters. Womb sharers if you will. Although not twins.

We enjoy being on beaches and rooftop bars, strictly come dancing (ever the patriotic fans), movies and generally perusing about and finding adorable spots to inhale eat at. We think exercising is good for our souls but sometimes we live in joggers for days on end – and that my friends is sometimes the only happiness a girl can dream of.

new blog

One of us lives in Manchester and one of us lives in London – which is why it’s been very hard to blog together. But we’ve been toying with the idea of blogging again for a good while now. Not because we think we’re full of wisdom and have lots of interesting things to say I mean… *clears throat* – but because writing is a form of expression and provides a healthy outlet for our daily ramblings, questions, thoughts and discussions which sometimes, we just have to let out.

A lot has happened in the past 12 months; lots of learning curves were endured had and some new exciting paths opened up, and while we wanted to blog during this time, sometimes we got the fear. Like, what if what I write is way too personal, or what if no one cares that I learnt a new exercise move, or what if no one cares what I’m going through right now. Or the more alarming worry of, what if someone judges me? LOL – because we know you lot would never judge!

Then we decided to just man up and change the context of ‘what if’ to, what if this post makes someone else feel better, or what if this post gives someone somewhere in the world some comfort, or ‘what if’ this post brings world peace….*awkward silence and blinks* Too far?

By changing our thought process here from a negative straight to a positive, we were able to build some inner encouragement for ourselves.


We know it’s completely normal to worry about stuff though, but we shouldn’t let ‘worry’ stop us from doing things in life, or we’ll never get anywhere. Just like our blog page for the last year. So, this is why we’re welcoming ourselves back to the blog life with open arms. So, hi. Nice to be here with you all again.


Basically, we just want this place to be a happy chatty space for fellow bloggers, readers, followers and others who are interested. Feel free to pop by any time, pop the kettle on or grab a glass of wine – whatever you fancy, and come relax with us for 5 minutes.

In the near future, we’ll be posting about our experiences, lessons and reviews, sharing support, encouragement and just generally living life in the moment. The list is pretty endless and we don’t necessarily have a ‘strategic business plan’, it’s more of a ‘strategic mess’ but we’ll see how it works.

Just in case you wanted to know more about us (we get that you’re investing your time into reading this when you could be doing anything else and hey, we don’t want to be strangers) here are a few little facts about each of us.

Clo (Chloe)

  • I love to sing my heart out when I’m driving and listen to Jazz/soul blasters (think Billie Holiday, Donnie, Nina Simone and Mr Brown).
  • I like my brew a bit strong.
  • Fave quote – “Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again” – Anne Frank


  • People sometimes think I’m the fourth member of Hanson (the band)
  • How do you like your tea? “same colour as my skin”
  • Currently learning to speak Dutch (Ik ben een vrouw)!


All the love

Clo and Gigi

Add us on Insta at @abelina.nine




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