Overcoming a bad day or week


Ola beautiful people,

Hope everything is great with you and you’ve got a nice warm brew or a glass of wine in your hand!

In this blog, I’m reminiscing on a bit of an awkward week. It’s not been terrible – just lots of little awkward things happening one on top of the other. So I just wanted to share my therapy for working through this as mental health is SOOOOOO important. I won’t harp on about everything that is going wrong because I’m not here to dampen your weekend spirits, but OMG seriously, sometimes you just gotta reflect and recharge.

Among other personal stuff, there has just been a few little things that have really got under my skin, and sometimes (as I’m sure we all know) it’s the little things that build up and end up taking over our minds and driving us crazy.

Like, after a big meeting in the middle of the week, I went to shake hands with one of the Managers and my scarf did something weird and somehow got tangled around my arm just as I reached out my hand. Resulting in this person shaking my scarf instead of my hand causing my neck to tilt. Super FML life moment, and if that wasn’t enough, after the totally awks handshake, I face planted the door as I turned round ….. AND THEN LAUGHED THE MOST RIDICULOUS HIGH PITCHED LAUGH I HAVE EVER LAUGHED IN MY LIFE. The drive back to the office mainly consisted of me shouting ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuck’ about a million times – each time this memory popped back into my head. Silly little embarrassing moments.


It’s just been one of those weeks where deadlines are a plenty yet the pile of work continues to grow at warp speed (I know y’all are relating) and while I sit there sweating underneath my jumper from stress, I feel like I have to slap on a smile and stay enthusiastic. Mainly because I don’t want to be seen as ‘weak’ and like I can’t handle what’s being thrown at me. Although, admittedly I am someone who is rather rubbish at hiding how they feel, but staying positive and thinking about the good times ahead always keeps me going. Sometimes when I get 10 emails in a row I look at this little picture of a cocktail on my pin board that I keep on my desk and quietly say ‘I’ll be enjoying you this weekend’ (there’s always a silver lining). I have to remember that there is always going to be little glitches and challenges in my life and these will always come and go.

Many other things happened in this weird little week, but I realise there are lots of other people in the world having monstrous disasters right now (unfortunately that’s just the way it is), and this is what motivates me to brush these bad weeks or days off, start afresh and go again.

It’s so important that we heal ourselves, and take time to realise when we’re really having bad days and ensure we treat ourselves accordingly. Whether it’s a hot bath with plenty of lush bath bombs, a gin and tonic or a meal out friends to soothe the soul. Plus, now that Netflix includes Friends – nuff said.


On top of eating, vegging out and watching movies, my therapy is writing, singing in the car, dancing in the shower, laughing and going to the gym. Although sometimes the gym is an incredibly hard one to achieve. Especially this week when all I wanted to do was get home, get in my pjs and binge watch The Sinner all over again on Netflix (Jessica Biel is amaze in this). But I succeeded in attending every class I booked this week……and still had time to binge watch tv when I got home. I then felt good for working out and getting rid of some of that weird energy. Oh, and at one point I was sweating so much that my pony tail got stuck to the front of my face whilst I was in mid lift. I looked an idiot, but who really cares in a gym class.

I’m currently sat writing this with a nice coffee on the go, my candles on, a bag of Ferrero chocolate eggs, the Proposal on in the background (Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are sometimes the key to happiness) and I’m looking forward to a gin and tonic later. This weekend for me is all about recharging and resetting for the week ahead so I’m just taking it easy, listening to Beyonce and enjoying some comfort food. But let’s be honest, I’m sure it’s only just a matter of time until the next silly moment comes along. Life is a funny thing and sometimes very unpredictable. But as long as we’re prepared for the confusion, pressure, the unwelcome moments and hard decisions that lay ahead – it just becomes a matter of knowing how to go about everything, navigating and not letting the bad parts get the better of us.

There is always going to be ups and downs, ALWAYS. There is simply no escaping the downs. There will always be tough days, sad days and bad days, but these days often magnify the beautiful things we have around us. So we kind of need these days to stay grounded and grateful. The secret is in how we go about this. We can choose to let things keep us down, or we can allow ourselves to be down for a bit, then work through it and move on. Ready for a fresh week ahead.

I remember when I was at school, and not doing so well in some subjects. Every Sunday I would tell myself that I was going to start again, be a better version of what I was last week, keep trying and go in with a fresh attitude. After a while this just became a way of life, and although it’s impossible to strive for perfection, it’s still a good way for me to try and start my week off positively.

I realise now, what I actually did was instil a sense of determination that helped me start each week.

Although, this doesn’t mean my weeks are always magically great.

giphy (1).gif

I wonder what everyone else does to recharge and reset after a bad day/week. Would be great to get some tips. Online shopping, looking back at fun old photos, listening to your fave playlist, reading a book, cooking, hiking, swimming or eating a pizza.

Feel free to send your happy tips.

Thanks so much for reading this and if you’ve had a not so great day or week. Know that I am with you. But look forward to the one ahead. Dream big, smile and refer to that cocktail picture when needed.

All the love,

Clo & Gigi





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