Some of our fave beauty products…

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all super well!

Recently we have purchased some new beauty products and we wanted to share because, well because we love them. We actually have so many that we want to share and we will in due course, but for now we just wanted to keep it light and see what you guys think.

First up is the Lancome Hydra Zen anti-stress moisturising cream. Can we just say first off that the Lancome pots are a selling point in themselves. LOVE. AT. FIRST. SIGHT. They are so cute, nice and heavy so you know your getting your moneys worth, pink, shiny and round – so fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand.

The cream itself is lightweight, perfectly whipped like a thick creamy yoghurt, smells rosey and luxurious, and when rubbed into your skin feels soft, subtle and actually leaves your skin looking refreshed, hydrated and awake. For us, it feels best when applied after a nice relaxing shower and also leaves your skin feeling fresh, ready and soothed.


All in all, an effective product for stressy or tired skin that works like a charm! #whatwomenwant

Givenchy cream eyeshadow

Next up is the Givenchy cream eyeshadow in Graphic Bronze number 19. This cute as a button pot of shimmering joy fits in any bag, although – top ups aren’t even required. The bronze is a perfect colour for winter evenings and this product goes for a million miles. Worth every penny. I don’t think I’ll ever run out because it seems to go such a long way, and its so satisfying to touch. It’s strong, bold and lasts all day. Not describing anyone here – just the eyeshadow.


Givenchy eyeshadow

Rosie Fortescue ‘NAILED’ gel wear polish

It’s safe to say we’re completely obsessed with gel nail polish so imagine the excitement when a quick nip to Tesco one lunch break last week turned into a full on beauty spree. Yes, I raided the reduced make-up basket and was stunned to find Rosie Fortescue’s range of ‘Nailed’ gel wear nail polish on offer for just 70p a bottle down from Β£7. I mean, yes to that bargain.

After trying out ‘Sugar Lips’ – number 015 I am so glad to reveal that this nail polish glides on perfectly (the brush could be a tad thinner but I’m not complaining), the colour is bold and the gel shine … actually shines. I had to apply three coats to get the maximum effect. Win! I can’t wait to try out the other colours I bought.

RF nail varnish

Ted Baker Lipstick

Last but surely not least is the Ted Baker lipstick – a gift I received at Christmas. Even when this lipstick runs out I can assure you that I’ll be keeping the shiny rose gold case on my dressing table because it is just SO beautiful. Nice and slim and that’s the exact reason it applies so well. It doesn’t draw outside the lines …. or maybe I’m just getting better at putting lipstick on. You only need one coat and your smackers will look voluptuous in no time. This colour is an intense long lasting classic red – meaning its perfectly acceptable to wear with almost any outfit. Oh and did we mention is smells like chocolate and vanilla. I’m just so tempted to bite the end off right now.

Ted Baker

TB lippy

We hoped you enjoyed reading our post, and we hope you found it useful. Enjoy the rest of your day beautiful people!

All the love,

Clo & Gigi




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