The memory diaries part 1: 4 dream spots to visit in Los Angeles and Palm Springs

It’s actually hard to talk about Los Angeles for many reasons. 1, so many of our family members are there which makes it feel like home 2, it was where our Abuela Abelina lived and 3. We had such an amazing time that we simply cannot express just how amazing it was.


A quick food for thought before we get going: One local LAer best described LA when he said “LA is its own beast. In some ways it’s terrible, and in other ways it’s great”.

To avoid disappointment e.g. seeing the Hollywood sign or Universal Studios then having nothing else to do, we would say. Remove the fascination of, Hollywood and Beverly Hills from your head. Those views last a couple of minutes and are great while they last but before you know it you are in the real LA life, which is a struggle for a lot of people. Before you know it, your back cruising through Latin communities (where the best food in the world can be found), Korea Town (again the food) and Downtown LA which is brimming with homeless people and poverty. Take it in, smile at people, immerse yourself in the entire culture, be open minded because you never know who you’ll meet or what places you might stumble upon.

Every time someone asks about our trip, we just stare blankly like ‘you’ll never get it”, then cry inside…. And out. Sorry peeps.

But for those of you who are thinking of taking a trip to the City of Angels, don’t think twice. Book it now. You can book a return flight from Thomas Cook right now for as a little as £395 for September next year – when the sun will still be hot hot hot.

Summer days left us in haze as the holiday was just a constant carousel of rooftop bars, parties, meeting extraordinary people, visiting the hood, palm trees, American football, beaches, live music, fish tacos WITH CORN TORILLA, cocktails, Hollywood nights, sunshine, wine tasting, shared ubers with awesome people, hiking in the hills, exploring, dreaming and generally relishing in every golden moment.

We didn’t want this post to be an essay, so we have tried our very hardest to ensure we condense down the adventure and provide you with the purest of the meat. So read on for Los Angeles and Palm Springs inspo.

Chi Chi at the Avalon – Palm Springs


The land of sand! Strolling with the palm trees, dippin in the pool at noon, tunes on, meeting Aussie friends, that taxi driver, Cheetos at 4am (jetlag), working fresh filter coffee out at the motel, starlit nights and gorgeous sunrises over the mountains. *breathe* Too much excitement.

One place you may have seen us going on about on Instagram is the Chi Chi at the Avalon hotel. This is where we discovered that breakfast burritos are just LIFE. From that point on, there was no turning back. A proper mans portion, filled to the brim with hash browns (or tater tots), avocado, red onion, chillis, bacon, eggs and cilantro. American portions are reknowned for being hearty, and we revelled in this. The menu was too incredible and we wanted to try as much as possible.

take us back

The decor throughout is timeless golden age America. Think ‘Shaft’ style infused with classic Spanish architecture and perfectly manicured gardens, all beneath the sweet view of the San Jacinto mountains.




Views while we ate consisted of a diamond sparkling pool, pristine bali beds, fairy lights, cactuses and more cactuses, palm trees and a stand out cocktail menu. The rum coconut and watermelon splash cocktails – yeah! Choose those.



Visit Chi Chi at The Avalon on this link and check out what heaven looks like in the middle of a dessert. Palm Springs is so old American, and for this reason we are hand on heart making a return to this jewel very soon.

EP LP/Melrose Rooftop Cinema, West HollyWood, Los Angeles – Partner Axwell from Swedish House Mafia


apollo 13

The partner of this joint is Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, so you already know it’s going to be fly! We can’t EVEN without crying. We loved this place so much we made sure to visit twice. Chef Louis Tikarim, a young Chinese-Fijan-Indian guy from Australia (who Conde Nast claimed as one the top 10 chefs to look out for in 2016) is responsible for bringing this cutting edge dime to the hills of West Hollywood. His South Asian cooking comprises sea pearls with coconut milk, Lou Doggs crispy skin chicken and green fennel curry and sticky rice – a real treat and all washed down with a cracking fresh spritz of Bel-air. The food was creative, artistic, tasty and satisfying. The Chefs like to keep the vibes in the trendy, clean, stunning restaurant ‘west coast’ style so expect to listen to classic west coast hip hop including Tu Pac, Dr Dre and Snoop. Check out the décor in the pics…… all the feels!

South Asian food




After that we rolled upstairs for our 8 o clock viewing of Apollo 13, and actually squealed like 3 year olds at Christmas when we saw the views, the vibes, the neon lights, usual LA goers just chillin in their home spot. We were standing in the coolest, most stylish hip rooftop bar with 360 degree views of Hollywood and the Hills DID NOT DISSAPOINT IN THE SLIGHTEST! As we watched Apollo 13, it literally felt like we were in space too. The stars were shining and the lights and views across LA gave a totally cosmic feel and we had never been happier. We grabbed a beer from the bar, laid on our massive bean bags, cosied up in a blanket, stuck our headphones on and just let the magical night roll on …. Till we felt a 3.6 earthquake .. but it’s all good.

melrose rooftop



rooftop drinks

The Observatory/Griffiths Park:


If you haven’t watch Lala Land, then just go put it on before you read this. ….. kiddin…. Read on.

This is a spot we have always wanted to go since we first visited as kids. If you like romantic spots with glittering city views, stargazing and just enjoy getting away sometimes for reflection, peace and scenery, well these panoramic views will make you feel like this part of the world was created just for you, and you only. You can see everything for about a million miles – the freeway, Downtown LA, the Hollywood sign – it’s just spectacular! We really did feel like Emma Stone spinning around in her yellow dress, minus the Gosling *insert sad face*, but it certainly wasn’t a waste of a lovely night *insert musical notes* 

views …bit dark definitely having a Julia Roberts moment

julia robertsjulia

If you’re an avid space/astronomy lover and wish you worked for NASA, like G, then this is place to be. There’s so much to learn about the sky and space and you will find out so many interesting facts like, did you know it would take us 9 years to walk to the moon if we could and 135 days to drive there at 70mph.

Tip .. and something we will do next time: Take a picnic, take a bottle of wine, make sure you have the tunes and find a spot to sit and spend your day just watching life from way up there. Rooftop pools can be spotted, film sets and if you’re lucky, maybe a Hollywood star or 2.

San Antonio Winery:

Over 100 years old! So much history, so rustic. We heart this place!

Going to a winery at 2 in the afternoon on a Thursday was possibly one of the best ideas we have ever had. It felt liberating knowing that usually we’d be in an over air-conditioned office replying to emails or cracking out some business content watching the grey skies from our desk. But here we were cruising to San Antonio winery in our cousins Mercedes, listening to hip hop with the hot sun topping up the tan.


The staff at San Antonio Winery were awesome, there is no other way to describe them. The guy who served us sounded and spoke exactly like Chris Pratt, no joke. He was hilarious and even gave us a free tour around the establishment. So basically Chris Pratt kept pouring us different kinds of prosecco and red wine whilst making us laugh. That in itself is a dream.


The wines were a dream. We talked, we laughed SO much, we messed around drunk in holiday mode feeling free happy and content. We know you might be thinking, girls pull yourself together and get over it, but we’re actually crying again as we type this. Do you want to come with us next time?

Once the tour was over, we grabbed 2 charcuterie boards which were overloaded with pickles, cheeses, cured meats olives and all the goodness of life, bought a bottle of merlot and sat talking whilst listening to the sounds of Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald in the cosy back wine cellar deocarted with fairy lights. This scene in our lives would have definitely made the cut for a Nancy Myers film.



After that, it was back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a members only party that somehow we got into……..

So much more to come in part 2….

We hope you have our enjoyed part 1. Big love everyone.

All the love

Clo & Gigi



where love


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