Where we stayed in Ibiza – the full review

Where we stayed: The brand spanking new Anforna hotel in Es Cana, just down the road from Santa Eulalia. This place used to be a 2 star hotel, but after a lot of loving refurbishment and a lick of modern furnishings, it is now a tranquil 4 star complex.


First impressions: Upon arrival … we were locked out. It was about 3.30am and the whole street was silent. We walked to the big glass automatic doors though an aisle of palm trees thinking ‘wow, wow and wow’. We got to the door expecting it to open and… nothing. We walked around the building with our awfully loud suitcases probably waking fellow island ravers as we tried to find another door. We didn’t get it. The light was on. This is Ibiza isn’t it? And just as we each selected a sunbed to sleep on for the night, we noticed movement in the background of the reception. Finally, we were greeted. “Miss Chloe” said the Spanish guy on his night shift. Finally.

So, back to first impressions: Lots of white, peaceful zen vibes. Lots of different white textures filled the reception with subtle hints of green made us feel like we were at a secret spa escape. Everything was pristine and clean and we couldn’t help but squeal a little as we took our lift to the room. A bloggers paradise. So insta worthy!


The room: Fresh white linen, fresh wooden floors, massive flat screen tv, rainforest shower overlooking the room, a big balcony, refreshments and a toilet with top to floor mirrored walls (just what you want)  – a 360 degree view of yourself having a morning wee. Totally uber cool and clean (priority) with cosy hints welcoming us to our new Ibiza haven. We couldn’t wait for a lovely relaxing sleep before all the partying got underway. It felt quite upscale and the lighting in the room was warming, – giving off the ‘pre night out’ feel. Beds were big and comfy so we climbed in and dozed off to a Meryl Streep film. Living the actual dream.


The balcony view: There isn’t much better than waking up to a gorgeous Spanish view. Heat, sunshine, white buildings, palm trees, those beautiful flowers and bushes that align the streets full of powerful pinks and purples, cactuses and tiled walls. Heavenly. One of our fave things about a holiday is waking up, grabbing a coffee and taking in the views while watching the real life roll on by and plotting the day ahead.  Pure perfection.


The bar: The marble and real stone bar was right on trend with infusions of traditional Spanish overlay. It was cool, sophisticated with chilled music playing which made it a great spot for an afternoon lunch, or somewhere to go when you’ve come in from the beach or pool and just want a few minutes to chill with a cold glass of Spanish rose.


The lounge area: Hammock hanging chairs! Do we need to say more. Can we just go back to swinging in these with a Cosmopolitan one last time please.


The pool: 3 pools surrounded the complex complete with white bali beds, big soft fluffy towels were complimentary for all guests and blue cascading waterfalls in the pool meant we spent hours making memorable boomerangs. A totally indulgent pool bar (with the friendliest of chefs) served up some spot on delights. Think Capri salad, proper cut chips and juicy juicy pizza. Mellow music played as we melted (literally) into a complete calm state of relaxation. Think chilled summer feels like Erkyah Badu and The Girl from Ipanema (Clo’s fave song EVER). It was just heaven on an island. The only part that was not chilled was when we sacrificed our wellbeing to blow up our friggin doughnut float. Oh yes good fun was had as fellow sunbathers looked on in distress with total ‘you okay hun’ faces as we took turns in going blue and not breathing properly for a good 15 minutes. No joke. It might have been longer. It was all worth it for the 5 minutes we each sat in it.

sun beds

diggin in

Location: Just around the corner (an actual 10 second walk) was the famous Jacarunda Louge where celebrities are often seen hosting pool parties and topping up their tans. The big double white beds are totally inviting and the guys at the bar make a great cappuccino. A couple of shops are also a quick 10 second stroll where you can buy booze, fresh fruit, pastries, snacks and other party holiday essentials. The area is brimming with lots of traditional Spanish restaurants and bars, but if you are looking for something a bit more special then you can catch the bus or grab a taxi to Santa Eulalia – a 5 minute trip. It’s on the other side of the island from San Antonio so we got the disco bus to and from the clubs or just caught a taxi (app 40 minute drive). The beach is also about 1 minute away and there is whole selection of water sports and boat rides to choose from.


Conclusion: The staff were friendly, informative and helpful. The rooms were clean, spacious and comfortable and the food was excellent. It’s a spot on place to stay if you want something a bit chic as opposed to just ‘any hotel’. Perfect setting for holiday ravers who want to chill in the day and party all night.



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