How we get summer ready in 7 steps

Recently, people have been staring at us like ‘WTF’

…and all we can say is, “look, we’re letting our eyebrows grow naturally so we can get them shaped for our holiday”… although when you’re in an important work meeting you don’t really get the opportunity to explain that, and of course it’s not really considered professional or a great ice breaker.

But a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

This is one of our all-time summer holiday rituals! So if your heading off soon in search of warmer climates and are looking for ways to prep yoself before you fly, then read on to see how we get ourselves ‘summer ready’.

  • Gently exfoliate – This will buff out any blemishes and dry skin ensuring your skin is soft and supple. It will also help you get a more even tan – just make sure you apply lots of after sun when you are there.
  • Use a gentle cleanser on your face – This will help prevent dryness from the sun and will ensure your skin is in tip top condition ready for when you’re on that sun bed with your cocktail in hand.
  • Wax the tash!
  • Try to lay off the cocktails before you go – I mean, we can try and give advice right? But seriously, we’re not saying ‘don’t drink’ – but when you step off that plane you want to be ‘impossibly fresh looking” (quote – Carrie Bradshaw). Try to drink up to 1 litre of water a day in the lead up. Doing so is sure to give you that remarkable holiday glow, even before you go.
  • File and buff – fresh nails and toes are an essential part of any holiday prep. Why not try a new colour that will make your tan pop or add some glitter nail polish to match your sparkly new sandals. We’re currently on the hunt for nail varnish that provides full coverage in one easy stroke. We’ll be uploading the post soon so you can go and try for yourself.
  • Squats, lunges, press ups and stomach curls – you can do these while you pack ….. while you iron… or while you’re printing off the flight documents. Every little helps right. It might not be the most eccentric workout, but a good bit of toning up never hurt anyone.

And the most important

  • Enjoy a day off before you go – this will give you the chance to catch up on some sleep, get your nails done, spend the day packing and trying on outfits and just prepare yourself for all the excitement ahead.


We’re curious to hear what other tips you may have? Or what it is you like to do before a holiday as part of your preparation routine?

Whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going this summer, enjoy it all. The views, the swims, the food, the drinks, the sunsets, the sunrises, the music, the dance, the loves and the laughs.


Big love to you all, and thank you for stopping by our page.

All the love,

Clo &Gigi



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