16 reasons we’re looking forward to our summer holiday!

dubai 2

Summer Summer Summer Time. Yes Will Smith. SANG IT! Because summer is here and in full swing, and man we are looking to summer loving, cold white wine and hot hot weather.

English weather – “LOL girrrl it cold out here”

Okay, so here in England we don’t always get the best, hottest summers and although we’d like to be wearing cute dresses made for the heat, unfortunately it’s more like “hey I’m Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

So that’s why we saved our asses off and booked in a couple of holiyays!

To help manage the excitement and to get us even more psyched for the adventures ahead, we have compiled a list of exactly why we’re looking forward to our summer holidays this year, and maybe you can relate to some of the below.

The build-up – that day or 2 before your holiday when you’re trying to focus at work but really, you’re mentally planning your trip round the mac counter at the airport, and wondering if you’d be able to use your euros yet. It’s almost compulsory to treat yourself before you fly, whether it’s a caramel frap, having your nails done or just a new lip stick to match your new ‘upcoming’ tan. Enjoy!

Logging off from work – and strutting out of the office like Beyonce! “So long succcckkkkkas!”


Planning the airport outfit – We want to be comfortable, but look glam, but be warm enough on this side, yet be cool for when we land, but not too fancy, but we want to make effort, but not like we over tried. ACTUAL. DILEMMAS.

Creating a holiday playlist – the summer soundtrack to have on your headphones while you tan by the pool, the songs you’ll get ready to and the tracks which will remind you of one of the best holidays yet! Calvin Harris new album ‘Funk Wav Bounces’ has a number of party, funk, chilled, sunset vibe tracks which are perfect for any summer scenario.


The drive to the airport – the one time in life we’re happy to get up at 3am. Tunes on, coffee cup in hand, shoulders down. Nothing but blue skies and smiles ahead.

Stepping off the plane like “IT’S ACTUALLY HOT and it’s only 9 in the morning!!! LIIIIFEEEE”

That different country smell (Holismell?)- That whiff of cigarettes, coffee and sewage but … we LOVE. Can anyone else relate?

holiday and cocktao

Having beer with your breakfast. Winning.

The smell of sun tan lotion – Who needs perfume when you’ve got Hawaiian Trop sun lotion on? Possibly the nicest smell in the world.

The watermelon picture


Having mid-day cocktails by the pool – and when you’re only struggle for the week is choosing between a pina colada, pineapple express or cosmo to have at happy hour. But let’s be honest, what you don’t have that day you’ll just have the next. Also – the cute little snacks that always come with your drinks. YES!


Eating Lays crisps – They are the perfect sun bed accompaniment and the full variety of flavours is what we live for. Spag bol crisps anyone? Yes please!


The sound of flip flops!

SANGRIA and PALM TREES – no words.

dubai 3

Nights out wearing just lippy and mascara – because the sun provides the base making you feel carefree, fierce and au natural!

When your diet for the week is – Tapas, pizza, red wine repeat. Pasta, pizza, red wine, repeat.

holiday foods

There are so many more exciting holiday moments which I’m sure you’re all looking forward too, but this blog would go on and on if we tried to squeeze everything in.

What are some of your fave holiday moments? We’d love to know.

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read, we’ll be putting more summer posts up very soon.

Enjoy your week and big love to all.

All the love,

Clo & Gigi



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