Vamp up your style for £2.50 with our summer steals

If you’re anything like us, constantly scrolling through your phone looking at the ‘next big trend’, seeing blogger after blogger sporting the ‘it’ lip colour of the day. Or if you’re tired of cutting back on work lunches thinking ‘how can I keep up or better yet afford everything in the world!?’, then we have something to show you!

We have always been one to spend money wisely (other words for this are; tight, stingy, bargain hunters), but we have never been ones to stoop on quality.


We believe you can find whatever trend you want, on money you can afford and most importantly, all for good quality. Yes it is lovely to have those trusty pieces from Reiss, the statement dress from French Connection and that one of a kind bag from Ted Baker. But let’s face it, trends these days are coming on and off more than Taylor Swift on the music scene. (Soz, love you Tay).

So our list below shows some of our favourite trends right now, and how we got our favourite ‘it’ pieces at the lowest prices.

Holiday statement bikini:

Every year H&M release their low price range bikini sets, these normally consist of around five styles and sell out extremely fast, so get in there quick! It feels great, the fit is comfortable and there is room in the cups for extra padding – if you need it. We do (fml). The print on this one is cheeky yet appropriate for the cut and enough to turn a head or two.

So what does this statement bikini come in at you say??

£3.99 a pop!

H&M Bikini.jpg

Lovely Lip liners:

We experiment with our lip colour like we do our clothes. This is becoming an obsessive buy, for every new piece of clothing, we buy a liner too. (and sadly we just can’t stop)

We have been using KIKO Milano Smart Fusion lip liners for the last 5 years and have never looked back. Their smooth velvety pencil glides onto our lips so well and has a matte finish which actually stays on pretty much all day long. Maybe one little touch up in the afternoon will give it that extra POP but essentially, it’s an all dayer. The colours are bold and with 36 to choose from, there’s a full range to suit any skin colour, and at their prices you can definitely afford more than one.

Our only criticism for these would be that you have to sharpen them very delicately, as they are extremely soft so might mash up in your sharpener. Literally. Life. Problems.

KIKO Lip Liner Fusion: £2.50



Twilights and highlights!

So here is our point, who said you can’t have designer at a small price. We have always used Benefit’s High Beam highlighter and have now seen that most Boots sell the mini versions of not just Highlighters, but other key pieces of their skincare and make up collections.

Look for the Benefit cardboard stands around Boots, and you will see they come in at around £5 a pot.

The Benefit High Beam is one of make-up’s most well-known highlighters; it can be quite an aggressive tone, so use responsibly to avoid lightening streaks down your face. Guilty.

But at £5 – you can learn right?


Those Bra Thingy’s… oh bralettes

But seriously, we were struggling to get the gist of bralettes, I mean is everyone OK to see nipples now or not?! We still don’t understand.

Anyway, nipples aside, these lacy, barely there bralettes are perfect for our smaller chests, and actually capture more cleavage for us than a padded bra.

Our bargain choice? Peacocks.

You know, the shop your mum got your school trousers from? Well we just happened to stumble across these perfect lace bra’s which give us maximum cleavage due to its ‘not to low’ cut. They also have an elegant lace pattern which is perfect if on show under a see through top.

Peacocks Lace Bralette £4: Comes in a variety of colours

Peacocks Bra.jpg

Polish those fingers

Going back to our trusty KIKO brand. We recently bought some of their promo Metallic nail varnishes as we love the gold and silver finishes. Again, they had a wide range of Metallics and tinted metallic to choose from which we actually haven’t seen anywhere else.

The three we chose were from the Pastel Metal and Glitter Metal colours. The colours are fantastic, but I would recommend a gel or top coat as into our second day of wearing it, there were a few teeny chips.


KIKO Normal price £4.90 offer price £3



Sport is the new sass

A couple of years we might have turned our snaggle at the old school classic brands. You know the ones, ELLESSE, FILA. They just seemed something a tad scruffy about the brands. But now, even Sarah Jessica Parker would be donning that shiz with a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Wethink it’s because wearing them appropriately with the right skinny cuts and high tight tops, or tucked into some ‘mom’ jeans makes them seem much more cooler. Much better than putting them together with some baggy hole filled poppers. Yea we can all relate to the ‘popper’ situation. We also think that over the years, some designers .. and then bloggers started testing the waters and wearing them with trendy statement items. And what did they end up with? Cool meets vintage meets incredibly comfortable. Catch one of us at the weekends wearing this blue T. Similar Tops from ASOS and Topshop will set you back around £35 to £40 quid. But what did we sniff out?

TK MAXX – £7.99 BABY!  …. Other sporting brands available

Fila T shire 

 Summer is officially here! Time to treat yourself to some summery spends. Hope our cheapness helps.

All the love

Clo and Gigi



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