Weekend break – 4 spots to visit in Leeds

AGood merry Sunday to you all!


I’ve just given myself a well needed week off work. It just seemed like the perfect time to re-set, re-charge and just basically eat all the food, sit on my bum all day and chill the F out.

All in all, it was a super chilled week and all topped off by a little quick trip to one of my favourite places ever. Leeds. The weather was actually okay so I managed to get away with wearing a ‘above the knee dress’ in the day. I KNOW! Summer vibes or what!

I think I visited almost every bar/exhibition/shop possible, but a few foodie places stood out. Meaning, these are places I’d definitely go back to for some reason or another. So, if you’re looking at heading to Leeds for a short weekend break and want some northern inspo, have a read below for some sweet and short reviews on some cool places to visit.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I really was stuffing my face with food having too much fun to worry about getting the perfect picture. But now, I actually regret it because I’d love to show you just how delish these places were.

CREAMS British Luxury – Inside the Core Shopping Centre is just MACAROON HEAVEN! The place is decadently decorated with large crystal chandeliers which twinkle while you chug back all the coffee. I’m definitely someone who appreciates a damn good cup of joe, and I’m happy to say the coffee was very nice indeed, and made even more perfect with 4 mini mouth watering macaroons. Pistachio (my ultimate fave), raspberry, coffee and caramel!

The French décor left me feeling like I was in the heart of Paris, and it also made me want new lights for my bedroom (hashtag lightgoals). A total bloggers dream for insta pics as they make a whole range of freshly made waffles, milkshakes and delicious cakes. And, just for a bit of extra ‘swag’ each table has its own built in I-pod – a nice anti-social touch!


Sky Lounge – Situated on the 13th floor of the gorgeous DoubleTreebyHilton, the sky bar boasts beautiful 360 degree views of lovely Leeds with a comfortable and laid back atmosphere. So apt for late drinks on a Friday night.

Now, as a blogger it’s hard to not ‘big up’ every place you go to because if you’re anything like me then you’ll always find something you love about somewhere. Maybe it’s the person you’re with, or maybe it was just a good day on the whole and therefore nothing could ruin it. But, for me, the Sky lounge bar isn’t the most exciting or modern place on the planet, but the views are pretty special. I’m a sucker for urban city views, so this was the perfect spot for me.

Cocktails are a little pricey considering that half the pina colada cocktail was 70% ice but the posh glass of prosecco almost made up for it. Head outside to the terrace area for more intimate views of the city and enjoy watching the planes fly over ahead and wishing you were on it flying somewhere hot.




Gino D’Acampo – After a nice roadtrip down and a quick refresh after checking into the hotel, we sauntered down the streets in search of anything edible. We just happened to stumble upon Gino D’campos restaurant and were sort of transfixed by the people in the big glass front window eating dreamy looking meat platters and drinking the freshest looking wine imaginable. That looks a good move for a Friday afternoon, so in we headed. This place DID NOT disappoint.

From the setting, to the attentive and friendly staff to the drinks to the FOOD. Yes, we indulged in fried calamari, courgette, red peppers, chicken, avocado, mozzarella salad and pecorino cheese topped fries. All cooked to the upmost perfection and extremely tasty. This was all polished off with of course a very sophisticated glass of prosecco. I might watch a little too much Sex and the City but I had a little Carrie Bradshaw moment in here as it just felt ultra chic and so New York. Light house music played setting a stylish ambience and the place wafted of fried garlic, wine and pizza! Bella! I literally had to roll around Leeds for the rest of the day and walk it off, but I was so satisfied.

carried bradshaw


Livin Italy – So before dinner (at Jamies Italian) we thought, let’s stop off for a pre-dinner drink so off we headed to Livin Italy.

Fell in love with it as soon as I walked in. Perhaps it was because a waiter walked past me with the largest freshly baked pancetta pizza, and then I saw 2 girls enjoying what looked like the most divine cheese board and then saw a funky motorcycle hanging on the wall. I mean, it was just so cute and cosy. Like something you might find whilst walking around Little Italy in NYC. This tiny secret cave is situated in the underground tunnels beneath Leeds train station. The walls are aligned with different money from across the world, red neon lights, rows of unusual aperitifs -think ‘truffle’ gin, and a bit of soul/funk music added to the warm and friendly vibes. This is just one of those relaxed bars where you can meet up with your girlfriends after work and chat all night long about your week at work. They also have a mouth watering brunch menu!

livin italy

A very special and fun weekend was had, and when in Leeds I would totally recommend staying at the DoubleTreebyHilton. The rooms were clean and comfortable with a trendy touch.


As I sit here watching pixars ‘Inside Out’ (yup), I can’t help but feel a little like the ‘sadness’ character as I think of returning to work tomorrow.

I love working but there are so many beautiful places in the world that I just want to get out there and see and explore and I’m not just chatting about the best places to get a prosecco. I’m sure so many people can relate.

Especially in light of recent events – it just reinforces the importance of living in the moment, showing love and kindness, making the most of every opportunity and appreciating every minute we have.


Hope you all enjoyed this post and we’ll be back soon enough!

Thanks ever so much for reading cool people. Big love to each and every one of you.


All the love

Clo & Gigi




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