Our festival essentials – see what we’re putting in our bags this weekend!

Finally, the sun is out and we are heading to Radio 1s Big Weekend this weekend for lots of dancing, SANGIN, screaming, cheering, HALLOUMI FRIES, churros, contour glitter, beer, frolicking and fun!


We believe that one has to adequately prepare for a festival. Particularly after our experience last year where we encountered knickers on the floor, queued for 4 hours to get our bus back to the car, realised a beer cost more than the average rent, definitely got beer/pee thrown on us from afar – among many other gross things.

But, despite this, we are still jumping with excitement and can’t wait to be united with fellow festival goers amongst the sweat, laughter and tears – and thrashing around in happy crowds!

So, if anyone is new to festivaling (definitely not a word) check out what we’re taking in our bags this year. These items are mainly to ensure we stay warm, fresh, and waterproof.

So what’s in our bag you say?

fanny pack

FACEWIPES – Essential! Keep a packet in your car as well for on your way home. These will also come in ridiculously handy for when we’ve inhaled a box of halloumi fries and Greek kebab with red slaw, whilst simultaneously standing at no table trying to balance our beer in the other hand. Oh my gosh, sounds stressful already. But we will prevail, and our trusty wet wipes will be on hand to wipe all the grime away, ensuring we’re feeling fresh for more dancing around. Simple kind to skin cleansing are the best for us!

ALCOGEL – Gotta keep those mitts clean with a splash of this strong stuff. We know the Big Weekend organisers are awesome and stock all the portaloos with this stuff too. That’s another thing, we’re going to be incredibly fit from all the squatting we do in the loos. Anyway, we digress…

LEGGINGS – possibly the least classiest type of clothing but we’ll be rolling them up tight and whipping them alive when the evening chill sets in. I don’t know how we managed to stand out all night in that cold queue last year wearing dresses which lets face it, just about covered our rear ends. Was so worth the pictures though. Thanks goodness for heating in the car.

RAINCOAT – Courtesy of fashion line Boohoo. We’re definitely not asking for rain, but if it comes, we’ll be slaying in these…. kind of. I mean, is it even a festival if it doesn’t rain ….. err yes actually it is.

COMPACT FLEECE – No we’re not 70, but yo! These are life!

MONEY – We know we can get a pack of 4 Kopperbergs for a fiver in the local supermarket, but where there’s a festival, we’ll gladly pay that price for one!

LIPSTICK – We’re just those kinda gals that feel better with a lick of lipstick. We’ll be using matte shades from Maybelline and Loreal (as pictured). We actually can’t remember what the world was like before Matte lipstick.

SUNGLASSES – Ensuring we don’t miss any of the action! There’ll be no squinting this weekend my friends!

HAIRBOBBLES AND GRIPS! – Always! Even though we’re bound to lose them in the bottom of our bag.


TICKETS – You’d think this would a top priority but we did actually lose them earlier this week. Hold up actually, better quickly check where we left them …………….CHECK!

HAIRBRUSH – Moshing, possible rolling around on the floor and dancing like Beyoncé wannabes means that our hair will knot, and we will look like electrocuted scarecrows. So at every interval, between our eccentric bursts we will be sure to fix up look sharp for all the insta pics!

We hope everyone has a fun time this weekend whatever you’re doing. Smile, stay safe, show love and enjoy every minute to the max!

P.S. Make sure someone in your group is wearing a fanny pack. These babies weren’t just invented for Dawyne Johnson. So fetch!

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festival bag

Lots of love and we look forward to doing another post soon!

All the love

Clo &Gigi



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