10 reasons we’re looking forward to Festival Season!

FESTIVAL SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US and we’re gearing up for another incredible day at Radio 1s big weekend. Our voices may be lost the next day due to screaming and singing the whole day long, but we wouldn’t change that for anything, because if its anything to go off last year, we know we’re in for a total SHUTDOWN. If you’re looking forward to attending some festivals this year, then you may also relate to festival goer information below.


1.Halloumi Fries – we came across this heavenly invention last year and haven’t looked back. Whoever decided to create this little fatty artery clogging treat is our hero. This has definitely got to be top of the list for why we’re getting excited for festival season. FOOD. If we run you down in the queue, we apologise in advance. Now in 2017, this year we are on the hunt for parmesan fries -COME AT ME  


2.Churros dipped in chocolate– If we run you down again whilst your waiting in the queue, then we apologise … again. But there is no stopping us and we cannot wait for these babies to be in our hands and all over our mouths. If you haven’t tried a churro to date. Please stop reading. Just stop. We need you to understand how tasty these crispy, gooey, chewy, chocolate dipped fried doughnuts are. Oh we can taste them right now.


3. Wearing bohemian inspired attire – finally a chance to act and pretend to be one of the models in all those Pretty Little Thing and BooHoo adverts you see on the tv. We’re already analysing our wardrobe in prep and making sure we look the part. Plenty of embroidery, cowboy boots, denim shirts, suede tassle bags and cute flowing dresses are already up for nomination. Thank goodness for all the #coachella pics uploaded on Instagram providing ample inspiration (even though the weather was like 20 degrees hotter than ours… great). We know we’ll be cold but we’re still getting the flesh out. regrets. Also, on the list are, fluffy socks and socks (and a compact fleece – appreciate the fleece!). This will do for when we’re waiting 4 hours for the bus back to the car pack. Lesson well learnt from last year!

4.Day drinking – If there was ever a time when day drinking was totally acceptable, it’s got to be at a festival. Last year we may have enjoyed 1 or 2 Coors Lights (even if they were overpriced at £5 a bottle) – but these events only come around once so bring on the beer. Totally different scene from having cute cocktails at a rooftop garden, but there’s nothing like chugging a cold beer and singing along to live music.


5.Dancing in a crowd – one of the only times in life when dancing inappropriately, in a field with a large crowd of people all doing the same is totally acceptable. We’re not even bothered about the sweat and muddy foot prints on my brand new suede boots oh wait . Bring it on sweaty festival goers. Bring. It. On.


6.Being at one with nature – The one time we’re happy to pop a squat in a muddy field, despite wearing new clothes, and pose for a photo. I mean of course we’d take a swanky cool cocktail bar over a patch of piss stained grass, but we’d do almost anything for the sake of catching a glimpse of Little Mix. Fresh air is good for the soul, mind, body and spirit, and we for one cant wait to be out in the open, in the fresh … possibly chilly rainy weather, and just get down and dirty. Even if the suns not shining, our smiles will be! Although, please please let it be sunny and warm like last year.

radio1 tree

7.Glitter face tattoos – need we say more. And no we aren’t talking about the glitter face crap every 5 year old is wearing right now. We are talking contour glitter. Have your face contoured with glitter. These are a must at festivals so be prepared for a possible insta snap of just bright lights. Just for the record – that will be our face.

8.Letting our minds go and embracing some awesome music – Last year we skanked to Skepta, rocked with Coldplay and got down low to Iggy Azaelas set. This year, we’re so looking forward to getting grimey with the one and only Stormzy, dancing and singing “YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE” to Kings of Leon and doing the dutty wine to Sean Paul.


9.Getting random pics with strangers – highfiving and having crazy conversations with people we’ll never ever see again. Like the guy below who decided to take loads of pics on my phone then vanished into the crowd, before turning around and giving one final last wave before disappearing. What a ledge! Random people, we can’t wait to meet you.


10.And finally, it’s a bank holiday weekend – meaning there is no need to rush home and worry about getting things ready for work on Monday. All we’ll be doing is ensuring our alarms are off so we can dream and re-live all the fun during a well needed snooze.


Of course, one has to be totally prepared for a festival. After all, when you know you’re going to be sharing a toilet with thousands of other festival goers, all drinking the same copious amounts of beer and all shamelessly overeating all the halloumi fries, it is essential to adequately prepare for the monstrosities you are likely to encounter.

So don’t worry, because we will uploading a new blog later on sharing our ‘must pack’ guide to festivals.

Thanks so much for reading everyone, we really appreciate every single person who comes our across our page in the world. You are amazing!

Stop by again soon.


All the love


Clo & Gigi







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