It’s okay NOT to be okay!

It is so bloody true. It’s completely okay NOT to be okay.

Sometimes, like all the time, all the daily pressures of life build up. They climb on top of each other, sometimes shoving other problems out of the way and chucking others from the top – creating room for new issues.


Sometimes you just need a minute to cool down, cool off and relax. Or sometimes, you actually are just too unwell to go in. That’s me today.

I meet a lot of people through work who are quite traditional and would probably think it’s rather ‘petty’ to have a day off if you’re feeling slightly unwell. Some may see it as a sign of weakness, poor attitude or just a lame excuse to not go to work. But can I just say, I get the WORST stomach ache on a monthly basis….. Girls, y’all know the struggle I’m talking about. AND I GO TO WORK EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Sometimes I do go to the loo and cry but I stick it out.


Now I’m not saying that my life is a struggle, but it is and can be for some of those who work full time, who also have children, who have a house to keep tidy, lots of tummies to feed and endless clothes to wash.

It can also be hard for people who are going through a break-up or for people who are dealing with critical family issues. As humans, we’re constantly developing, growing and evolving – so we must understand it’s completely normal for our thought paths to change, for us to feel differently on a different day or to change our minds about something we may have already decided.

I suppose I’m writing this blog as a I sip my morning coffee (and desperately wait for the Docs to re-open again at 12) because I’m doing it. I’m not at work today. AND MAN I FEEL BAD! It’s the first time ever I’m not at work because I don’t feel good, and before 9am, I was already wracked with guilt.

I have deadlines this week, people to please, people to meet, people to respond to. I can literally feel the surge of emails building up in my inbox and knowing I can’t action them is making me itch. This overwhelming feeling washed over me that people at work might view me differently. All because I had to take the day off. Especially after the bank holiday weekend though. I mean, everyone is definitely like “she drank too much, ate too much. Just lazy”. Especially after I uploaded this picture of myself having fun during my time off.


Man good times!

*back to post*

In fact, I even thought about taking it as annual leave.

I might be overreacting but I can’t help the way I feel. I enjoy working hard, pushing myself and just getting on with things. It’s a natural buzz and I hope I am always this ambitious.

Last week the Doctor said it was Labrynthitis, but I’m starting to think it might just be Vertigo. Either way, it’s blummin’ horrible and I hope you all reading this never experience this. I feel like I’ve had about 5 cocktails. But I haven’t. I swear. Have I? 

So, Labrynthitis and Vertigo you say? What the hell is that? Let’s just get to know what these conditions are:

Lambrynthitis: An inner ear infection which causes the labyrinth in your ear to become inflamed – subsequently affecting your hearing and balance/coordination.

Vertigo: A condition where it feels like everything around you is moving or spinning. It can come on suddenly and last for a short to long period of time.


I’m sure many of you (as I do) dream plot to of having a sneaky day off work and just curling yourself up in a cosy brunch spot all afternoon and taking some well needed time for you. Giving you the chance to get away from the office, your colleagues, your family, your house and responsibilities and just blissfully enjoy in a careless haze. But in reality, we’re good people so we don’t.

But I’m majorly feeling the ‘being off work guilt’ today. Sitting around looking aimlessly in my pj’s on a Tuesday morning is so not glam. I should be in my weekly team meeting!

The point is, I need to stop fretting and stop being such a worrier. This is how it is, I need to get this in my head and just chill the F out. Nothing bad is going to happen to me because of this. My routine is off for ONE DAY and I can handle it! Maybe I can even watch a re-run of New Girl.


I know some of you may feel the same as me when taking the day off. So, I’m just putting it out there that it’s OKAY. You have to see the bigger picture and just think, how will this affect my life in the long run? Dramatic maybe. But this is really helping me. The answer is …it will be fine. Honestly, it will be? wont it? If it isn’t … err I’ll let you know how it goes.


Sometimes, we just need our time off and we shouldn’t have to feel so regimented and restricted as to how we feel in life. I’m not saying ‘hey man, lets just all be chillin’ but lets give ourselves some extra credit for everything we do and how hard we ALL work.


As ever, thank you all for stopping by and having a little read. We love writing these posts so the more you like, the more we’ll post. 

Wish me luck.

All the love

Clo &Gigi



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