Big up your individuality … and Beyonce!


Sometimes, like seriously every day the pressures of social media affect us. Not in a dramatic or exaggerated way, but you know that feeling when you look through all these perfectly planned images with girls with their perfectly groomed hair and nails and skin and just all round everything, and you just think “WTAF, why can’t I just be that naturally clean looking and cool?”.

But really, we’re not even pretending to be cute and vulnerable, but we really are so far from all them sultry and beautiful looking ‘I woke up like dis’ snaps you see. You know you get those people that are just like ‘I’m soooooo clumsy’ or ‘I’m soooooo silly’ or ‘I’m soooooo not cute when I wake up’ and you just think, mate judging by your perfected selfies – you do wake up like that and you actually are. Well. We. Actually. Aren’t.

We know you’ve heard it all before, but let’s be honest, if we were all perfect, we’d have nothing to aspire to and nothing to work for. We secretly love the challenge of getting dolled don’t we. Yehhh! More reasons to buy that latest Mac highlighter. We have almost come to terms with the fact that we ain’t ever going to be one of those utterly polished and perfected girls, but we do believe we’re all perfect in our individual and unique way (NOT A CLICHÉ AND SO IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER), and we think it’s so important to celebrate our own styles and looks.

By not putting SO MUCH pressure on the way we look, we can prevent those harsh moments where you feel a bit disheartened because you’re not looking like what you expect or what you’re striving to be.

Some people might think ‘oh rubbish, you look lovely’ just as we do them, but honestly. Of course we’re not going to upload those ridonculous snapchat pictures we only send the closest of our closest friends, although sometimes we laugh so much we’re like “we gotta show this shit”, but truth is no one would ever find it as amusing because we all got our inside jokes with friends.

We’re not saying we wouldn’t like to change anything, because by golly we bloody would. But we grew up watching films with Robin Williams who taught us to be silly, to laugh and joke and not take ourselves too seriously.

We were also inspired by Queen B ‘Beyonce’. Girls of our generation will remember that when she started out, she was just a super cool country gal with some wicked r’n’b songs which made us want to sing and dance, and we were SO happy with that. But nowadays it does all seem to be about big booties, big lips and big hair, but us girls gotta hold onto the ‘coolness’ and actual ‘realness’ and be true to who we are!

We’re totally not here to preach at you. But individuality and unique styles/looks are the gifts we have each been given, so we shouldn’t be conforming to all look the same. We should be relishing in the moments, dancing in our dreams and believing that we are actually just perfectly imperfect … and that really is kinda perfect.

Just off to find some spot cream now because breakouts are the friggin worst 😝

end of blog


All the love

Clo & Gigi




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