17 Positive Moves To Make Everyday

Confettie (2)

We’re in Spring! Finally. The blossom is starting to show and the sweet smell of summer is just around the corner.

The skies are sometimes sunny but are still overshadowed by the well-known British clouds. However, life is for living and boy do we want to live a happy and optimistic one. With so much online and world negativity going on, we have put together a list of our special positive vibes – little things we do each day to help us stay focused, energised, motivated and most of all, happy.

It has been shown that the small acts of positivity lead us to happier way of life and to being a better person. And if everyone could do this, who knows how the world would eventually, turn out …


Now stop laughing, because we don’t mean get yourself to an early morning ritual hit classes each week. Just take yourself out of your working or home position maybe just once a week, take some time for you and try pushing your body in a way you never have before. The aim for working out is to feel awesome, once you’ve held that half-moon yoga pose for 2 minutes, you’ll know you can accomplish anything. You go man!

Netflix and ACTUALLY chill:

Sometimes, in fact nearly every day, relaxing and watching a movie after the longest day ever is just the best thing in the entire world. In fact, we genuinely don’t know how people don’t just chill and watch movies ALL THE TIME #cosy #boring #lifegoals I’m actually off to watch Sex and the City box set after I’ve posted this.

Clo PJ

Remove false followings:

The pictures that leave you thinking ‘oh come on man!? AS IF’. How the heck does someone do something THAT amazing every.  single.  day. Then capture it for Instagram for all to see. There is being inspiring, and then there’s just plain throwing it in yer face. That celebrity that keeps flashing her ‘perfect bod’ UNFOLLOW. You my friend are already perfect. The friends on Facebook you don’t know but yet you keep looking at their all too similar and staged ‘cosy Sunday’ pics – UNFOLLOW. We are sick of seeing the same stiff pose and oo a mug of Earl Grey? Hardly gin love.

Oh hello there 🙂 

Smiling at people you don’t know, and the old ‘top of the day to ya’ on the street as you pass by is one of the best and most motivating ways to start your day. Our natural British values have been great in proving a sense of community. Please let’s hold onto them.

Sorry? – No, thank you

Meeting a friend and you’re late, instead of being sorry say ‘thank you for waiting for me’.  Straight away this will rid the negativity and your mates/work will feel as though they have done you a nice favour (but really you just need to haul ass quicker). This also works very well with the break-up of a relationship. They’re ‘sorry for hurting you, but no, thank you for teaching you what you needed to know.

Message your friends

Letting a friend know just how great they are out the blue is sure to make them feel great. It also reminds you of how awesome the people around you are and shows just a little of your appreciation for their presence.

Good deeds:

We read about miracle heroes in the news, why don’t you be your own? Help be the unexpected, put the belief back into humanity by helping someone out with their shop. Pay for someone’s transport ticket or give away some clothes.

Follow these Twitter Accounts:

@Richardbranson – this guy always makes me think longer and harder, his daily posts on broadening our minds and life always inspire us to do our best.
@NASA – for all you wannabe rocket scientists, they often have the coolest pictures from their satellites and even go Live on Facebook :O
@PositiveNewsUK – bringing positive journalism only current affairs and charities, a great lunch time read.

Follow these Instagrams:

@harlowandsage – three of the happiest sister dogs you will ever find. Their daily dose of cute paws and beautiful smiles set me up right for great day.
@dennistheprescott – for an incredible food snaps and food inspo, which make us want to lick the phone all day long, check out this guy’s food displays. He cooks, he photographs, he writes 😉
@earth – this memorising user has Instagram down to a T, with the most wonderful and breath-taking photos of the wanderlust’s of the world. Ermm, holiday please?

Tis the evening to be jolly

Get a great evening to-do list together filled with your favourite things. Whether it’s jamming to an old favourite album (Hanson and Britney Yo), making a special dinner that one night a week or reading your first novel, have something going on that is just for you and your enjoyment.

Eat Green

Get your veggies steaming, much cheaper than a £3 pack of Raspberries and not to mention the great benefits for your insides. Our favourite is wok fried greens (yes this was Wagamama inspired). But it’s delicious; honestly you will never look at broccoli the same way again.

Live by this

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you can’t do something, not even me. Alright?  You dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.”

– Chris Gardner, from The Pursuit of Happiness

 Pursuit of H

Change the world

Text CURE1 to 70200 to donate £5 to Cancer Research, follow unnations.org and donate and spread the word for solving global problems and peace keeping. Sign up to www.wateraid.org/uk/donate and make a monthly donation of as little as £2 to those living without fresh water.


Should be the hash tag of the day! Book yourself some down time, whether it’s an hour in the baths and sauna, a well needed massage or a meal at your favourite hangout. We love having that one evening each week where you do something just for you.

Spread the word

There are good apps and campaigns for almost everything. Our favourite at the moment is Foodings; tell your local restaurants they can donate left over foods to their local charities using the app. They upload their details, the time for collection and local food banks can arrange collection.

(Other useful spread the word apps available).

Arrange time off

No need to watch through your socials, start planning and saving for your next adventure, a trip across the world, or just a weekend getaway where you can splash out on your favourite things. Having something more luxurious planned will keep our spirits high and bring out positive and engaging convo’s to inspire others.


 Dubai clo beach



Keep this next to the bed

Ryan G

All our love

Clo & GiGi



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