NOW OPEN – Birthday Cake TEA at Margaret’s Tea Rooms!

Lincoln already has so much to offer in terms of tea, cakes and coffee. You can’t NOT go to Lincoln without making a pit stop for a sit down for a leisurely brunch, lunch or quick bite, because the tearooms are just endless (any excuse for a cappuccino and a catch up though right?).

chatting and pouring

There are plenty of cute and cosy tearoom spots in Lincoln, all decorating the charming cobbled streets making it a ‘must do’ task on a Saturday afternoon. Or if you’re lucky enough, a peaceful and satisfying afternoon off in the week.

So after hearing about the new ‘Margarets Tearoom’ through handling press releases at work, I was like SATURDAY PLANS ARE FINALISED!


First impressions upon entering this little gem, right off the high street and in it’s own little corner, we thought “Awww this is so nice”. You know when you find somewhere and you immediately want to show it off because its photogenic AF? But you also want to keep it to yourself because it’s just so cool?

It was light, airy and peaceful with some soothing tunes playing out from our favourite musicals setting a very relaxing environment.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate that this place had teapots for lights! Yes, actual metallic teapots hanging from the ceiling. Total showstopper and totally unique.

teapot light

We walked in and immediately gravitated towards a table filled with bell jars, and in those bell jars was a delicious and mouth-watering display of every single dreamy cake one could wish for.

There was red velvet staring me right in the face, a gooey chocolate orange cake, wedges of indulgent tiramisu, mini macaroons, MINI ECLAIRS (get in my mouth), sticky chocolate fudge heaven, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls and freshly made cherry scones. I mean, naturally we wanted everything and secretly we just wanted to rip the lids off the lot and shove in our face in everything before us.

feature image

“Would you like to pick a table girls?” asked a kind waiter.

We stood there like “YAAAAAS PLEASE”

So after thinking we’ll just stop for a casual coffee and have a little bite to eat (totally never happens), we ended up ordering a complete afternoon tea for two. If you read the menu, you might end up doing the same. “Let’s treat ourselves. It is Saturday after all” Any excuse. Totally affordable though at £19 for two. Not too shabby chic at all.

This was also, largely in part due to the fact they served a special blend of tea called “Birthday Cake” – described as a Victoria sponge cake in a cup. And it actually was.

We couldn’t get enough of snapping the tables as we sat down. Every table was neatly decorated with cute china cups and plates, fresh flowers and antique spoons adding to the whole high tea vibe. The entire place was just absolutely immaculate, but not like the type where you don’t want to touch anything. The type you literally want to feel up because it’s filled with oodles of sweet home touches which you just want to get your hands on.



Then, the moment of magic happened. We were greeted with an adorable helping of all things we love in life. Cakes, scones with plenty of freshly whipped cream, mini pots of jam and tiny sandwiches, all filled with our fave ingredients.

Have you ever seen the film ‘A Little Princess’ – the scene where Miss Minchin locks Becky and Sara in the attic and they wake up to a special surprise from the wise Indian man next door. He has made all their wishes come true with ‘trays and trays of good things’ to eat, luxurious gowns and slippers. The two girls sit their laughing, not a care in the world, eating, dancing and sharing stories – forgetting that all about their troubles.

eating cake#


Well, this was definitely us at the weekend, and this is exactly how visiting this tearoom will make you feel. Like you’re a princess. Like Duchess Kate. Just look at those classy pictures. Drunk in cake!

We had a good chat with the owner too who is so friendly and lovely, and made us feel so welcome and ensured we enjoyed every minute of our impromptu visit.

He showed us his delightful selection of blended teas which smelt divine with some really interesting flavours such as ‘fire log’ and ‘rhubarb’. Truly scrumptious!

all the tea

If you’ve seen our Instagram, you’ll notice that, after visiting this little decadent spot, we were inspired to get our own baking skills on, and the pistachio buttercream cake we created was everything.


We hope this little blog post got you excited for all the coffee and cake you’ll be eating this weekend, and as ever, thanks so much for reading.

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We get inspiration from reading, hearing about and talking to people about anything and everything. Therefore, your ideas and feedback are essential to keeping our creative juices flowing.

Thanks again,

All the love

Clo & Gigi



red velvet


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