Country girls guide to London – Must See Spots!

It all began at:


London Borough Market: Where the enticing smell of fried garlic scallops, coffee, fresh fruit, cheese, lobster rolls, chorizo paella and soft pulled pork is sure to lure you all in. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not stop at every stall as you walk past. Everywhere you look there is something you need. Okay, you don’t actually NEED it but you will feel like you do. The colours and vibrancy of the area is just a mega cool experience. Just standing in the crowd amongst people eating their delicious brunches or having a weekend tipple before 12 made us feel part of something. The London community all coming together for a fun weekend, full of smiles and people shouting ‘hey come look at this’ and faces lighting up when juicy tasters of food are handed to them by the friendly market crew. The stalls are chocabloc with pretty olives, bread from every country, cakes (almost too beautiful to eat – but that don’t stop you), flavoured champagne, bubble teas, smoothies placed so neatly you just have to get perfect pic for Insta, plus so much more.

It really is one of London’s perfect locations for meeting up with friends, treating yourselves to some unforgettable food, picking up some wonderful gifts and just having one of those dreamy Saturday afternoons. With so many trendy brunch places in reach e.g. The Breakfast Club or the Bedales of Borough for a more sophisticated aperitif – it simply does not disappoint! Next on our London destination guide was a sweet spot right in the middle of the market called…..


El Pastor: Decorated with pretty pink neon lights, hanging light bulbs (so chic), tons of cactuses aligning the walls (every bloggers dream), mariachi music playing in the background and the smell of warm corn tacos and guacamole in the air made us feel instantly at home. So at home, that we turned around and our mum was there speaking to all the staff and Chefs in Spanish. Total show off. She’s such a sass pot. Latina families are often so big so we half expected her to turn around and say “this is your uncle Eddie Santoras” – it has happened before! But anyway, this spot was so frikkin cute. The Chefs cook in open plan kitchen on the balcony so you can look up and watch them doing their thing with fresh ingredients galore. Everyone tucked into blue corn tacos and cheese quesadilla, quacamole with plenty of coriander, nachos, Spanish white wine and of course, tequila margaritas! This was the spot where all the complimentary hen bags were handed out and everyone was so happy with their Benefit and Lancome minis. It was such a nice moment – made even better when “City of stars are you shining just for me” from Lala Land started playing (in Spanish of course). We almost cried! After pulling ourselves together, we strolled along London Bridge to get a…



River boat cruise to Westminster: Now, you know how you always get that one loud and rowdy crowd on a tourist experience. Yes, that was us. We apologise to the all the happy couples who were trying to have a romantic cruise across London, but many a cocktails had been consumed at this point, so it only seemed right to crack the mini bottles of prosecco on deck and unleash the penis straws. The boat conductor definitely got an eyeful (and earful) as the bride to be took her seat and the hen party held them up and cheered– like a cult welcoming their Chief to the village. Rudeness aside, the views were beautiful and everyone was taking pictures and waving to Londoners each time we went under a bridge. We had the pleasure of seeing Somerset House, the ITV studios, the school where Daniel Radcliffe went which will take you back £55,000 a year, Big Ben and London’s gorgeous embankment which is brimming with bars, restaurants and businesses. So off we got and headed straight to the…


London Eye: We used the toilets which were very nice. Very clean. But, as we were running a little behind schedule, we didn’t have time to queue if were to make our table at…





Joes Southern Table and Bar in Covent Garden: So this is exactly where we headed. After a very tipsy ride on the tube, and watching one of the hens doing her ‘sliding under the ticket barrier’ routine, we made it to the motherland. Walking through Covent Garden is always such a good vibe with live music, street entertainers and shops like Chanel and Dior in easy reach. We walked along the cobbled streets and arrived for our table booking at Joes. Our large table wasn’t quite ready yet, so the staff kindly opened up the downstairs floor (which they usually open at night) just for us. It felt like our own little club. So we ordered a few bottles of prosecco and couldn’t resist a bit of dance while some cool house music roared out. Day dancing is so much fun! Once the table dancing and caterpillars were in full swing, we were informed our table was ready! To the table we charged with food on the brain. Once sat down, we tucked into an array of comfy home style soul food including tobasco and honey coated buttermilk chicken, whipped potatoes, chicken wings, old school pole burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese and red slaw. Well it would be rude to have something healthy! The lighting was dim creating a very glam feel. The bar is one of those photogenic ones with a laser light screen behind the hundreds of bottles of every type of drink you can think of. The food delicious. Tasty, and just what we needed. After sharing pictures of the bride to be back in the day (which she couldn’t get enough of), we fled to…


Adventure Bar: Now this underground bar is right around the corner from Joes. It actually take a whole 30 seconds to walk there but our lovely tour guide Nelba (mum) forgot the way and sent us all backpacking round central London until we came full circle and realised we were right back where we started. Good times. But when we found it, oh my goodness, we were downstairs, coats off, fresh cocktails in hand and dance mode ON. This spot is really cool and feels like you’re in an underground tube station (but a very trendy and clean one at that). There are red brick tunnels everywhere with seating and tables all around the dancing areas, and a secret bar at the back which we totally owned. We were drinking a cocktail named “50 shades of early grey” – it’s got to be done at a hen party. The cocktails were made fresh, the music varied from your old school classics like Destinys Child to the now Beyonce. You can only imagine the old school moves we were pulling out. Everyone was so friendly too which we loved about the place. We had a good slightly drunken chat with everyone we met at the bar and dancefloor. It was only 7pm when we got there but it felt like midnight because it was so packed with lots of partygoers in full swing weekend mode. Shots were drank, songs were SANGED (not a word but totally what we were doing) and the love was felt!


Such a good crowd and our ‘hen crew’ group chat is now filled with messages about how we all can’t wait for the wedding so we can re-create the moves and memories from the weekend.


It is going to be a party to remember.


So, if you’re looking for inspo when out in London, we hope the above has provided some ideas if you’re around the area.


Please get in touch if you have some other ideas. We’ll be back in London soon and will be looking for other sweet spots to blog about.


Until then, enjoy your weekend and have a fab one.


All the love

Clo & Gigi







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