Our Very Cool Complimentary Hen Party Gift Bags


So, the weekend just gone was totally mental, exhausting, amazing, tiring, hilarious and just all round fabulous.

As a thank you to our sisters wonderful friends for all rocking up from the beautiful settings of Wiltshire to London for her hen day shindig, and as our job as bridesmaids, we put together a little package for everyone to enjoy. Just a few treats for the day, the day after and maybe when for when their having a rushed morning and need some cereal pronto.

Historically, the survival bag can be filled with shocking items but we kept them clean and classy with just a touch of naughtiness. Thankfully – due to having swag friends (in high places) we were able to fill all our hen bags with the newest beauty, makeup and perfume testers to up the glamour and bring out the vavavoom!

Here’s the ingredients (can be mixed up as you please):

Perfume samples:

Paco Rabanne Olympea Intense; these little spray testers were a wonderful introduction to the salty-vanilla amber accord Eau De Parfum. This captivating and feminine scent was a delicious bathroom top up between cocktails and will for sure be our new favourite Spring scent.

Lancome La Vie est belle, this succulent sweet but womanly L’Eau de parfum was a fantastic treat for our ladies. Slightly more pricey than the Paco Rabanne but a unique floral tone sensation, this is every woman’s must steal scent.


Lancome, Advanced Genefique – Youth activating serum samples. This gorgeous serum was perfect for our tired (hungover) skin the next day. For all skin types, ethnicities this little beauty is an all rounder for tightening and brightening in out darker hours.

Lancome Visionnaire correction cream sample, one of Lancome’s best sellers, a perfect everyday cream for smoothing out wrinkles and dullness. This rich luxury moisturizer was my favourite to give and wow our hen’s with.

Lancome Energe De Vie Nuit Sleeping Mask, (as you can see we are really into Lancome). A perfect 5ml pot to lather the night after. This leaves a dewy but still plumpy effect, not for everyone, but it is one of my reasons for choosing.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara – forgot your lashes, no need to panic, this dramatic volumising and curling mascara will lift even the most stubborn straight lashes. And each of our hen’s received a miniature bottle.

Benefit BOI-ING Concealer, our ladies were able to steal and conceal and was the first point of call when opening their bags. This trusty little beauty is a must have for correcting and consoling our skin.

Benefit blot the Spot, one of Benefit’s new skin care priming products. A lovely taste for our women to try this shine and pour minimizing stick for a photo finish look.

Benefit Gimme Volumising Eyebrow Gel, this is basically eyebrow food which contains mini eyebrow fibres that stick to your skin and hair helping to create a fuller (yet natural) look. Great for a bit of light definition and a semi strong look.


A mini bottle of Prosecco: This bubbly treat was pretty much the drink of the day, our lives and every weekend from here on out.


Chewing gum: Everyone received a stick of extra chewing gum. Well, you never know who you might bump into in London and a gals gotta be prepared!

Chocolates & sweets: To keep energy levels high and at optimum level throughout the day.

Cereal: because these mini bags were only 10p so in the basket they went. No relevance to the bride or groom at all. No romantic back story. Just a 10p find which is awesome.

Party rings: Because it’s a party.


Kleenex tissues: Tissues are a handbag essential and as we all know, the weather in London (or anywhere in the UK) can be a tad chilly – thus tissues are required for runny noses, cleaning general dirt off hands, wiping mouths or soaking up sauce from clothing. Trust us, everyone was grateful for these.

A penis straw: These are basically essential when out on stag, but it does feel odd when people (or should we say families WITH CHILDREN) are casually enjoying eating their peaceful brunch at 12pm on a Saturday, and then we stroll round the corner like a pack of hyenas with a fake schwantz. It doesn’t always bode well, so totally not encouraging this but nevertheless – a good laugh. Not very classy but oh totally sassy! Except when you see your mum having way too much fun with hers and you stand there like……bridesmaids-yuk

 [visit your local beauty counters for the newest testers for your bags]

We also enjoyed wearing our hen party sashes and loved using all the photo props to make sure we stood out in style.

We’ll be putting together another blog about some of the places we visited so stay tuned for some cool places to check out when in London. 

If you have any secret spots you’d like to share, feel free to get in touch. We always love to find new places.

Thanks so much for reading and we hope you enjoy the posts.


All the love

Clo &Gigi






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