Three quirky London spots



I love London, and have just had one of the most fun weekends visiting friends doing the rounds on our fave places and creating lots of new memories. I find that weekends always fly by, especially when you’re having copious amounts of fun, copious amounts of food and copious amounts of cocktails. Ok, you get the point. But seriously, I just wish I could stay in that dreamy weekend hygge all week long surrounded by love heart poured coffee, the best brunches and laughing with my loves.

For those who would like to revel in some of these cute spots, see below for some of the most adorable places to eat, drink and visit in London.

Notting Hill market on Portobello Road: At this place you are guaranteed fun, food and magical finds. Just use the hashtag #nottinghill or #portobelloroad on Instagram and you will immediately see what I’m talking about. The streets are adorned by pretty pastel coloured houses (which I wish I lived in), flowers, live music and you know those cosy little bars/cafes you see in all your favourite romantic movies, well Nottinghill has all of this, plus more.

My friends and I always stroll along taking endless pictures, stopping by almost every stall to look at all the vintage jewellery, clothes, antiques and FOOD. Can we just take a minute and big up all those independent businesses serving up all the lavish mouth-watering street food that you CANNOT NOT BUY. Whether you’re after a box of mini rosemary garlic roast potatoes (hell yes), bbq’d chorizo sausage, water from an ACTUAL COCONUT, all the olives and cheese you could possibly want, sugar coated churros or a dipped chip on a stick – they have it all. It’s just a dream location and a bloggers dream for inspo and weekend feels.


Farm Girl Café: At the top of Portobello Road, you’ll see a white building with a little alley down the side. Go into the alley. This sounds weird but I promise it’s not at all. You’ll be greeted by the happy chaps who work there in what appears to be some kind of trendy courtside area. Go inside and the smell of pancakes will hit your nostrils big time. The setting is super cool with green tiled walls, pink neon lights, fresh fruit on the walls, house music playing, and the hustle and bustle of the busy kitchen (where many avocados on toast and club sandwiches are being whipped up) just welcomes you, and lets you know you’re in for a mega treat.

I wolfed down, scoffed, inhaled ate a plate of this avo on sourdough toast because ….. sometimes it’s just nice to have it made for you. It was served with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds which was a tasty touch and all was washed down with a velvety coffee latte.

After food, we just had to stay and chat (our way of letting the food go down) a while to keep soaking up the ambience and good vibes in this place.

Check them out on Instagram at @farmgirlcafe – their followers are growing by the minute and I can see why.


Petite Terre Wine Bar: Sometimes a gal just gotta drink wine, eat cheese and chow down some meat, and that we did. This place was booked at last minute, so we didn’t really know what to expect. We just decided we wanted meat and cheese (as you do before you go out to a club or two), so we grabbed an Uber and headed to this place. Charming at first sight, right at the end of New Kings Road adjacent to the Eel Brook Common, but then it got better. We ordered a meat and cheese platter and oh my gosh, these platters were divine. The bread kept coming, the wine flowed and I ate way too much truffle cheese which I’m not even sorry about. It was warm and cosy with a little sophisticated touch. We had candles on the table, a fresh lilac hydrangea and soft Spanish music which kept our shoulders moving. I suppose it would be a lovely place for a date …… but nothing beats a date with the girls!


I had such a nice weekend, and I’ll be back roaming the streets of my love London this weekend as we roll up and out for my sisters hen do weekend. We have so much planned, and have this fuzzy feeling it’s going to be a crazy one. We don’t like to wish the days away at all but we’re too excited for the weekend already.

We have our itinerary mapped out and we’ll be sharing our assault on the City pictures and posts of the adventures. So follow us on our Instagram page if you’d like at @abelina.nine

We would love to hear from other bloggers who like travelling around as we’re always looking for gorgeous places to treat ourselves and inspiring locations which we can share.

As ever, thank you for taking the time to read our posts. It is well and truly appreciated!

All the love

Clo & Gigi





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