Wake Up & Shake Up or Snooze & Lose

Is it just us or do you also wake up every morning realising that, even though you could have talked yourself out of bed when the first alarm went off, you know that any minute now you’re going to be in a hectic rush. All because you needed that extra half hour 10-15 minutes sleep?

Our bodies and mind always crave just a few minutes longer, another few moments to lay still and feel warm and snuggly under the duvet (despite being momentarily interrupted by the dramatic alarm).

In our minds we are calm and elegant as we arise from our slumber, neatly tucking our shirt into our skirt whilst we run our eyes over the morning paper and sip some hot tea. Perhaps we even spend a moment or two outside, warm cup in hands, morning sun on our skin and just listen to the birds sing. We casually fling a scarf over our shoulder, say hi to the neighbours and pop some sunglasses on before cruising away in style with the radio providing smooth vibes. Ready for the day and raring to go.


You know, exactly like you see in all the movies where the woman wakes up, rolls over and is basically ready for a night out.


But in reality, after finally hitting the snooze button for the 8th time we’re like “SH*T! Must. Get. Ready!”

Then the morning becomes a massive hot mess, and in our mad rush we realise our tights aren’t going on properly because we’re still wearing our fluffy slippers. From that moment on, we’re in a constant state of panic. We struggle to undo our knotted top bun and end up moshing around the room trying to flick the bobble away, we burn our mouths drinking all the tea and coffee that we absolutely need whilst running around the room, and then the climax, we run out to our car only to realise after the 5th time trying to open the door that it’s still locked and the bloody keys are in our pocket.

Yes. We are those girls you see in the morning traffic putting some lipstick on at the stop lights and shoving some grips in our hair. Yet somehow, despite the sweaty rush, we manage to strut into work looking half decent. High five sista!

big-hair… Or so we think.

Now, this isn’t every day. BUT IT’S MOST DAYS.

To help this early morning disaster issue, we’ve been reading and researching some good tips on how we can start our mornings without the mad dash around the house. We have actually found some interesting and easy tips which will hopefully get us closer to a much calmer morning.

“Preparation and planning is crucial to helping begin the day afresh” (We’ll keep telling ourselves this).


So shout out to the night owls, and if this you, you also might find some of the tips below quite helpful. These are our new rules for the week.

  1. We must go to sleep in a clothes free zone:We know you know what we’re talking about here. Yes, the heaps of clothes from the morning before when we pull whatever top looks the most decreased from the pile near your wash basket. But actually, the best thing to do is have a quick 2 minute tidy when you get home (while you’re still in day/work mode). Fold, wipe, empty, shut drawers and smooth out the sheets ensuring your set for another cosy night in. Admittedly, so we have a blank canvas for when it gets messed up again.
  1. We must empty the contents of one’s bag and reset:We love this one because we’re SO guilty of acquiring tissues and endless receipts over the week and sometimes, honestly, they remain buried in our bag for weeks. So, open up your bag and empty everything onto a tray/mat (whatever you can find that’s similar). Get rid of all the unwanted chewing gum wrappers, empty water bottles and hair grips (which we ALWAYS lose, then find in the pit of our bags days later). Keep all the essentials i.e. money, bank cards, ID, keys, lipstick, hair grips, bobbles, comb, deodorant, lip balm, hand moisturiser …. as we said – all the essentials. This will ensure our bags are clean and clear, and ready for the day ahead. One time Clo actually found a bit of old kebab in her handbag a few days after taking the same bag out for a night out. Not chic!
  2. We must mentally plan an outfit for the next day:We commute to work, so the time in the car is a great time for us to think things through, plan stuff, go through our ‘to do’ list and most importantly, visualise what we’re going to wear to work the next day. So if you’re commuting via train or bus this is even better as you could take an issue of Glamour or Cosmopolitan with you and feel inspired on your journey to and from work. Then when you get home, and as part of the ‘2 minute tidy’ as above, lay out your desired outfit for the next day. See your outfit, breathe it, feel it, do it! Having tried this, we can say it really has helped us to feel super organised… and just that bit more glam.
  3. We must mentally plan a hairstyle:While we can get away with wearing messy buns (actually quite a lot of the time), it’s fun to try different hairstyles, although we understand this can be a complete ‘no go’ due to time constraints in the morning. A favourite of ours is to leave French plaits in while we sleep, then when we wake, we wake to volumised crimped hair – feeling swag and with a ‘I woke up like dis’ attitude. We are totally in love with Sarah Angius on Insta – head to her page for hairspiration. Her looks are actually amazing and her hair is dreamy AF.
  4. We must always prepare a tasty lunch:Not that we need an excuse to cook more food than is probably required as part of our daily intake, but it always helps to overcook a little. That way you can just toss your leftover spag bol into a tub and you’re good to go (with salad if required). Alternatively, cook a few more sweet potatoes and top them with feta cheese and decorate with some fresh salad bits like olives or cherry tomatoes. It will only take a few minutes to prepare and it will prevent all those cold afternoon walks to the same shops to get the same reduced sandwich. There is nothing better than a bit of home cooking. Unless you’re exceptionally lucky and have a Five Guys near your work. Insert the tongue emoji here.


There are so many other things as well, like setting your alarm for a more realistic time. Do you really need to set the alarm so early? Or could you give yourself an extra 5 minutes sleep. It’s not much but it’s just a little something to take the edge off.

Please tell us it’s not just us who aren’t great morning people?! Any other sleepyheads in the morning out there?

We’re going to try and weave the tips above into our daily routine. We have to be strong and stay committed. After all, they seem like simple things to do. It might be a slow start but once we get going, we’re hoping to rule the morning. Who knows, we might then be that girl you see flinging a scarf over her shoulder and waving out as we hop in the car.

We hope you enjoyed having a read of our blog, and as ever, we’d love to hear about any of your funny morning stories (although they don’t seem funny at the time). Thanks for stopping by, and keep a look out for more blogs soon.

All the love

Clo & GiGi



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