Ssh! You What? Gigi’s Guide to Good Gossip



“You’re not beautiful on the inside, and a little bit hard work”. This is what my friends flatmate recently said to her. (At least it was to her face…. right?).

Whilst sometimes  comments such as this can be taken as bitter and a bit bitchy(and rightly so), I thought it was great this girl felt she was able to be so open and honest instead of saying it (maybe to someone else behind her back) once she had left the room.

It got me thinking, how do you cope with being talked about, and better yet, what’s the best way to go about it? Because sometimes we just have to have a little rant/gossip about all the babes in our lives. We’re only human.

Personally, I have always felt uncomfortable around people gossiping and don’t tend to indulge in this myself. I guess this is because I don’t want to be bad mouthed or gossiped about myself.  The uncomfortable reality is that when people are talking about you, they’ve probably picked up on some part of your character that’s not particularly great or maybe sometimes annoying (things we don’t always realise about ourselves), and that can make you feel crap. (I have many of these traits).

But the point is everybody talks about everyone they know and in some cases, even people they don’t know.

Is it that bad to have an occasional rant and b*tch about the people we love?

Sometimes it’s great to get someone else’s view and relay thoughts onto others; it can also be a stress release and a fantastic rant on the journey home from work.

If you’re going to do it, it’s best to do it right.  So to not confuse being ‘mean’ with ‘chatting crap’, here is my personal guide titled:

Gigi’s Guide to Good Gossip: Do’s and Don’ts. (gotta love a bitta alliteration) .

  • Don’t ever gossip about the way someone looks
  • Do gossip with close friends you trust
  • Don’t exaggerate to make someone look/sound more entertaining
  • Do, try to hold back on negativity
  • Don’t humiliate someone by telling others something you know because you don’t know how to tell them
  • Do keep the super juicy gossip between you and the juicy gossip owner

(If you’ve got the balls do try and tell the person yourself)

We need to understand that we are all going to be talked about at some point, good and bad… but I guess – it’s best to be talked about than not talked about at all!

But just remember, (as we tell ourselves), don’t ever stop being who you are for anyone else, and don’t make decisions just to please someone else.

Spread positivity and soar!

We’d love to hear from all of you reading over a digital tea and see what you think about this.

Feel free to message us.

All the love

Clo &  GiGi



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