Why we’re thanking January #cosy #motivation



So typically, this month is renowned for being a bit blue, a bit depressing and just generally, a bit of a slow one.

But do you know what? With minimal plans, minimal funds for nights out and therefore minimal reasons to leave the house, we’re actually having a rather good time. As if we need an excuse to get in our pyjamas at a ridiculously early hour EVERY SINGLE DAY because we’ve got no plans except snacking, snuggling down and snoozing.

By having no plans, we’ve realised we’re actually challenging ourselves as to how creative we can actually be – when staying in the confines of our own home.

It’s given us time to get a head start and prep lots of wonderful plans for the rest of the year. It’s made us look ‘strategically’ at our funds to make sure we are financially equipped to do all we want to do.

Okay okay, we admit, we had a little bit of fun in the January sales at the start of the year and we did go out one night for a bottle or two of prosecco, just because, sometimes, a gals gotta drink!

I bet you want to know what kind of creative and cost saving fun we’ve been up to? Well, it has mainly involved getting lots of early nights, wearing joggers, odd socks and top knot buns, eating all the food and watching countless movies. Sounds bloody perfect doesn’t it.

But in turn, our lazy evenings have given us plenty of energy to ensure we make the most of every single day.

We’ve made a massive lazy brunch almost every Saturday and Sunday morning because we’ve had the time.

We’ve driven at sunset and sunrise to watch the world wake up and fall asleep.

We’ve read stories and watched inspiring documentaries from around the world (Can we just big up Stacey Dooley for her compassionate, inspiring and profound documentaries – Check her out if you haven’t)

We’ve chatted about life and the meaning of existence (this was a deep long night y’all).

We listened to music in a hotub under the stars.

We’ve claimed those 50% vouchers from all the restaurants in the world that run out before the end of January – “half price pizza and prosecco get in our bellies”

We saw LaLaLand, not once but twice (with of course a discounted voucher) and it honestly changed the way we view life. Hi Ryan.

We know where we’re going on holiday this year (which we’ll be sharing later on).

We’ve put to use all the gifts we were given at Christmas. So many lush baths!

We went to see a play after work. We’re so sophisticated.

We dined at Marco Pierre White to make the most of their January offer. Told you we’re sophisticated.

We’ve explored online websites for amazing outfits which we know we’ll be needing later on in the year.

We’ve gone to the gym and watched all the online make-up/hair tutorials. Shout out to the all beauty/fashion bloggers who are doing their thing!

We even reminisced and watched season three of The OC (yes, the one where Marissa dies), and we cried like we hadn’t seen it before.

So lots of thinking has been achieved, and lots of hanging around in our pjs has been achieved and do you know what? We’re loving January for letting us do our own thing. For this, we thank you.

Goodness knows what we’ll do in February when we have to get dressed up and get down on it.

But with payday just around the corner, we spot a London weekend in reach, a birthday weekend in Leeds and another weekend in London for a special hen do at the end of Feb planned. So, we’re actually glad we caught up on that sleep.


Let us know how you’ve been keeping busy through Jan.

All the love

Clo & GiGi






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