Winter treats for your skin!

So remember that totally bitchin time in September when summer started to fade and the warm colours of autumn were in sight? Remember how excited everyone was and how they looked forward to cold weather, golden leaves on the ground, wrapping up warm and drinking hot chocolates?

Well, now that we’re in the depths of crap cold winter, we think it’s time to share some simple skin care regimes to keep your skin glowy, hydrated and dewy during the cold times. (Our regime also involves eating so we know you want to get in on this).

Get that lotion girl: We love a good bath in winter. If you’ve been in the cold all day, out shopping or exploring then a hot beautiful bath (accompanied with candles and Glamour magazine) is usually what you need to thaw out and relax. But, going straight from cold to hot can have consequential effects on your skin, so always marinade yourself in a good quality lotion to ensure your skin remains hydrated.

At the moment, we love Clarins Moisture Rich Body lotion, Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum and Garnier Hydra Lock – both extremely good if you suffer from dry/eczema skin. These creams are simply a dream – perfect when used straight from the tub/shower. They show instant results and penetrate the skin leaving your body feeling soft and supple. They smell fresh and magical and will leave you feeling like you’re staying at the Four Seasons in New York (at least that’s what we pretend).


Lay off the heavy stuff (inspired by the gorgeous Alicia Keys): No we don’t mean Gin, we’re talking about foundations. With so many full coverage foundations which yes, are great for tone but not so great for your pores, why not try tinted moisturizers and BB creams for a lighter healthier glow. We are in love with L’Oreal skin perfection Perk-Up cream. This can be spruced up with blusher, highlighter and your trusty mascara for a glam evening look.


Get some beauty sleep: Great excuse to stay warm on a blizzardy Saturday evening. Sleep is the best time for skin rejuvenation as it is the perfect situation for cell renewal. Missing out on this will deprive your circulation giving a pale and sunken complexion. So. Not. Ideal. You’ll know your body best, but a good night sleep can make the world of difference, and your skin will thank you for it.


Av some Avocado: Who doesn’t love this incredible fruit/vegetable – what is it can someone tell us? Either way, we love! Mash it on your toast (is there an emoji for this yet please?), chop it up and chuck in a salad with your face dressing, eat on its own, slap it on as a facemask, bathe in it, clean with it. Do whatever you want with it because its chocka block full of Vitamin E and fatty goodness which even your skin wants to gobble up. Great for skin toning and giving you a luminous complexion.


Eat greens for the glow: Now this little side dish of nutritious nosh is a game changer, and is the perfect ‘go to’ for when you’re after a quick detox boost – Brocolli rabe. A common dish in the US packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients which help to heal and repair damaged skin tissue. Not only will this make you look radiant on the outside, you’ll also feel supercharged and healthy on the inside. All you have to is steam your broccoli florets, then lightly fry with butter, lots of chopped garlic and cashew nuts, even some lean beef if you want. Then Voila, a juicy pile of tasty greens to soothe the soul. Add it to your main dish for extra oomph!


Hydrate your skin state: It sounds super obvious, but ensure you are topping up your hydration levels through drinking lots of water and vitamin goodness throughout your day. We are obsessed with Twining Fruit teas as a substitute to tea and coffee at work, or even fresh fruit juice which heads straight to the top of your skin to help repair and replenish. We totally get that a lovely cuppa tea is the perfect way to warm up, but just make sure you don’t neglect drinking water on its own. I also love a nice cup of hot water and lemon to detoxify (and gain some zen in my life). Also, why not try adding mint leaves to your hot water for natural infused goodness.


We’d love to hear more beauty tips for keeping your skin hydrated during the cold time, so feel free to get in touch or share.

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Stay tuned for more blogs soon.

All the love

Clo & GiGi









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