Survival tips to beat the January blues!


So, we made it through the first week back at work, and we don’t know about you but it definitely took some effort to come out of our happy cosy Christmas bubble and get back into the working grind.

We’re managing, but can we just be thankful for weekends please?!

Having reflected on the week so far, we have put together a list of (let’s call it ‘a survival list’) which has really helped enhance our lives during January so far. Without these essentials, we might not have made it through, but so far so good and we’re feeling pretty positive about the year ahead. No January blues here!

So here’s our list to help you survive the so called January blues; (feel free to recycle and make your own)









More coffee?

No we’re joking. . . kind of! Here’s the real list;

Wean yourself off the treats: Don’t burn yourself out in the first week by abandoning everything great in life like chocolate or crisps. Sometimes these are actually the saviour of the day. After all that indulgence over Christmas, I found it a good idea to take a SMALL handover of leftover chocolate from the tub and eat slowly during the day. Unless you’ve got extremely immense willpower which, let’s face it some people do have (not me), then weaning yourself off is the first trick to kicking goodbye to your addictions. So long chocolates. Adios cheese. Bon voyage xmas cocktails. Hello healthy freshness (till next weekend ;).

Pace your workout: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Stick to your own goals and do what you know will make YOU feel good. Lots of people are probably racing to the gym from work every night but we thought ‘No. Pumpkin. No.’ Don’t go burning yourself out. Keeping healthy and strong should be fun and not something you feel pressured to do. Besides the gym there are other ways to stay fit; you can go dancing, watch the sunrise on a morning run, meet friends for a power walk, or try a new sport such as climbing, squash, tennis, football. We all need to endure motion in our bodies to keep them going for as long as possible, so start off with the basics and learn the rest later.

Eat a real good breakfast: Start your morning off with a bowl of something nutritious and delicious, and accompany with a hot brew. We’re loving porridge, honey and blueberries with warming tea. Perfect on these cold mornings. Or chunky fruit mix granola, great for fibre and keeps you going until lunch!

Ditch the caffeine and drink fruit teas: Put down that 5th coffee of the day and double chocolate chip cookie (for that 3PM sugar rush). We have an obsession with fruit and herbal teas  which are incredibly hydrating and great for brain power. This week we’ve been drinking Tetleys Super Green Tea ‘Boost’ – which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. The sweet berry burst flavour keeps us alert at our desks thus leaving us less dependent on caffeine and sugar. For relaxation in the evenings, we like Twining’s Cherry & Cinnamon.

WARNING: some do taste like sh*t. If you come across these, then absolutely run for coffee.

A good car playlist or CD – one that will make you happy in the morning. We find that movie soundtracks always get us going, so if you see us riding first thing in the morning we can assure that we are listening to The Parent Trap soundtrack. A bit of Disney jazz goes a long way. Or if you’re needin’ some groove, with a bit of sassy smooth, then Bruno Mars’ track Perm will make your shoulders shrug, bounce, twitch, switch in ways you never thought you could. Pure disco soul fever – think of a modern James Brown and out comes Bruno.

STAY AWAY FROM THE DAILY MAIL – YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED IF YOU READ THE DAILY MAIL: When at work, whatever you do (and we mean this), DON’T take a quick break to browse the Daily Mail. Even for a desperate minute. We say this because literally every celebrity in the world is in Barbados, Maldives or Miami right now. Stay focused on your work because it’s hard work that will get you there in the end.

Prepare food that you’ll look forward to: Prepare some juicy and hearty lunches to look forward to. In the winter season, we tend to make more food for dinner, which sometimes we end up eating, but at least we try. By doing this, we can save the rest for lunch and know we’re getting a warm bowl of something fresh. This will help those lunch times where you realise you have nothing, and instead of walking around the shops on a freezing lunch break trying to find the best Boots meal deal or Morrison’s counter chicken, you’ll be happy knowing you’ve got a hot tub of spag bol coming your way. We’ll be showing some of our lunches soon.

Plan your treats: Plan something nice for the evening. It doesn’t matter what it is – it could be going for a swim or catching up on your favourite boxsets (can the new season of Orange Is The New Black hurry its ass up please). Or why not put all those aromatic bath bombs and bath sets you got for Christmas to good use and immerse yourself deep in bubbles, colours and glitter. It’s good to treat and look after your skin during these cold evenings. Grab a glass of pinot, your favourite magazine and you’re good to go.

Book a holiday: There are millions of destinations awaiting your company this year. If you want to take a trip to your local beach, go visit a new City, or are even considering flying off to a different corner of the world for adventures and sunshine, then now is the best time to book. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to and there are thousands of January deals online where you can start planning your trip. Most will even let you put a small deposit down – helping you save for the holiday of a lifetime.

If all else fails Always. Ensure. You. Do. Something. Fun. At. Weekends.

We’d love to hear how you’re conquering the January blues! Why not drop us a line.

Speak to you soon

All the lovesurvival-tips-for-jan

Clo & Gigi



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