See ya 2016… but thanks for the memories


There has been a real sense that 2016 has been a fabulous shit year for lots of people. (Wow – we’re straight in there with the positive vibes).

We’ve said goodbye to some amazing and inspiring people including David Bowie – a true icon for many across the globe, the great Muhammed Ali and of course so many more who we all absolutely love.

In addition to this, lots of things are changing in the world, and we’ll probably feel a lot of changes in 2017 as a result of huge decisions which were made earlier this year.

We’re sure each and every one of you have gone through many ups and downs, just as we have. But we won’t go into the details of the negatives going on in our lives. After all, this is meant to be a positive post, and we promise we’re getting there shortly. But just be assured we can understand and relate to so many crappy things that lots of people go through every day.

But on a more positive note (we promised we’d get there), we wanted to share some of our highlights from 2016 and here they are:

Radio 1’s big weekend (both of us): Getting hype to Skepta and rocking out to Coldpays set was incredible. The weather on the day was perfect – pure hot sun for the entire day and all accompanied by a few Coors Lights and Churros. Even the four hour queue to get back to our car at midnight was not fun. This was also the day when we were introduced to halloumi fries – a very fond memory which initiated many wine and fried halloumi nights during the summer … and autumn … and winter…. and basically every Friday night since then.


Greece, Crete (GiGi): I travelled to the cosmopolitan and beautiful town of Agios Nikialos on the east coast of Crete. Situated on the coast, decorated with pink flowers and basins of basil, it was the perfect place for indulging in some of the finest mezzes, gyros and dare I say it again, halloumi cheese! This was one of my most relaxing holidays; enjoying the local cuisine, a cheeky couples massage and lounging in the local cocktail bars that lit up the dazzling Marina. I would definitely recommend this scenic and vibrant town for a couples or girls break.


Dubai (Chloe): So I didn’t know what to expect when visiting Dubai, but oh my gosh I properly fell IN LOVE with this place. Words cannot even describe how beautiful it is from the architecture, to the beaches, to the people, to the views, to the shops, to the culture, to the food, to the desert, to the weather. Basically, this place is a glam dream and I’m already planning my next trip. I have been to many places in the world but there really is something magical about this place. Hopefully soon, I’ll do a whole feature on Dubai. It was heaven! Also, laying in the Arabic ocean was just like laying in a hot bath. Like I said, HEAVEN!


New job as a PR executive (Chloe): From one writing job to another but with a more creative approach. I started my new job in July and it is exactly what I was looking for in a job. I have truly found my feet with this one. My days are spent planning, producing and editing a monthly magazine – gathering good news stories, using journalism to conduct interviews and using my links with the press to get stories heard. I am so grateful that I get to wake up and do what I love, because I know that not everyone does. Plus it helps that the whole team at the office are the nicest group of people ever! They are up for a laugh and love a good chat but are also very ambitious and motivated.


Lionel Ritchie (Chloe): Hello. It was Lionel I was looking for in 2016 and WOW! JUST WOW. Who doesn’t love this man? He certainly did not disappoint. He entertained so well and turned what could have been just a man on a mic (which I still would have cheered for) into a full on interactive show, engaging the audience after every song and spreading nothing but love, positive vibes and laughter to the whole crowd. I LOVE HIM.


New car (GiGi): Letting go of my Midnight blue convertible was one of the hardest moments for me this year. But after screeching round on a failed clutch I decided it was time for an upgrade (secretly hoping my life would upgrade with it too). My feisty red Vauxhall Adam Glam (not to be mistaken for a Fiat 500 please) is my new safe nest boasting a heated steering wheel and seats! It has taken me in and let me; cry, sing and scream during the most annoying hour long commutes to work.


Bad neighbours 2 press screening in London (GiGi): I was lucky enough to be part of the Pretty 52 External Writers team (part of The LadBible). During this time I had great communication with the editors of the website and was able to produce articles, interviews and visit the head office. As part of my work with them, we were both fortunate enough to be invited to the London Press screening of Bad Neighbours 2, where I think we blended in marvellously (kinda) with some of London’s finest journalists. As well as being first pick to watch and comment on the film, we also got to pick at red wine, mac and cheese and fried wings at the wonderful Joes Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden. Win win. P.s. Clo had a genuine cold this day … which is why she looks like Uncle Fester.


Rooftop party in Kensington for my mates birthday (Chloe): My best friend had her birthday at Kensington Rooftop hotel this summer, and can I just say? PINK FLAMINGOS were present. Oh yes, they just casually roamed the elegant gardens whilst we sipped on pink wine. Our day was well spent watching and laughing at a comedy sketch and dancing on top of the world to a live DJ. The weather was gorgeous too so we all gained a bit of an unexpected tan. Yes for that! Except, you never bloody know what the weather’s going to do in this country, so typically I opted for a long BLACK sleeve pleated top from Zara. A stunning piece of clothing which obviously made me sweat profusely while my friends danced freely around in their light summer dresses looking fresh AF. That didn’t stop the fun and I’m pretty sure we ended up partying away on Kings Road and having one of those awesome summer nights.


These are just a few of our favourite moments, and we’re already planning ahead and looking forward to many fab adventures in 2017. There is so much to come, and we’d love to share all the love and all the stories along the way.

Have a think of your favourite moments this year, who were you with? what did you learn, and where to next?

We hope you all have lots of exciting stuff lined up – and no matter what it is or how big or small your adventures may be, just make sure you have the best time for you and always enjoy making the most of every opportunity.

A wise man once said: “We are the dreamers of dreams” … and we are.

See you in 2017.

All the love

Clo & Gigi



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