Let it Pour, let it pour, let it pour. Festive cocktails to try this Xmas.


I’m dreaming of a White Christmas Cocktail.

Aren’t we all? So, for a few fancy delights that require minimal effort, see our selection below for some of our classic and festive ambience cocktails which are simple yet effective enough to impress your guests this Christmas.

These tempting cocktails are perfect for all occasions whether you’re hosting a glam party, playing games, or watching Love Actually in the afternoon.

For a festive twist, just grab your frozen fruit (1 of your 5 a day – still counts even in a cocktail, doesn’t it?), add your tipple and get pouring.

A Merry Rhubarb

Edinburgh rhubarb and ginger gin + tonic water + topped with frozen cranberries

Vintage (to us) Rum

Coca cola + Morgan spiced rum + top with freshly squeezed  lime for give it that extra zing

Shèngdàn jié kuàilè

Opihr gin + a helping of lychee juice + ginger ale + a piece of smoked salmon to garnish

Classic gin cocktail

Bombay sapphire gin + elderflower cordial + tonic water + topped with frozen raspberries

Our Favourite French 75

1 shot of gin + a squeeze of real fresh lemon juice + teaspoon of sugar syrup + topped with Champagne

Pink Drink

Raspberry vodka + Prosecco + pink lemonade topped off with frozen cranberries

Bella Sparkle

Italian dry Prosecco + a shot of limoncello + edible gold glitter + thin lemon twist

Spiced Winter

1 shot of Fireball Whiskey + 1 shot of Spiced Rum + a dash of apple juice + topped with lime soda & ice

Mehico Mix

2 shots of Don Julio Tequila + fresh OJ + red grenadine


All cocktails can be enjoyed with a selection of delicious nibbles including olives, smoked salmon canapes, cheeseboards and mince pies.



All the love

Clo & GiGi






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