Tis the season to be jolly sort your #Lifegoals.

2017 is just around the corner and word on the street is ‘New Year, New Me’.

Maybe you want to join a gym and actually go this time as opposed to last year when you cracked under pressure from cosy nights in, or equally, having raucous nights out with your friends (damn it was good though). Or perhaps you’d like to travel the world.

It might even be that you want to save more cash this year, aim for a promotion at work or visit somewhere local where you haven’t been before.  Some of us might want to cut out chocolate and booze (although personally, I really don’t get this) but kudos to you if this happens.

Or how about doing some charity work? Or carrying out voluntary work at your local vets or animal shelter (I mean, who doesn’t want to do that?). Others might want to learn a new skill or language or even just want to relax more and spend more time with their loved ones and take a break from working so hard.

Some things in life don’t always come to us and it’s a true test of our human strength to MAKE S%!@ HAPPEN. We all have the power to aim as high as we possibly want, and yes, there are people out there who just have it all yet didn’t need to sacrifice or do much to get there.

Personally, I’m not one of these people. After getting to know myself for the last 27 years, I know that I’m the type of person that – if I want something, I have to work incredibly hard for it. But then I also realised I’m this way because I actually enjoy learning and developing myself. I like to meet new people, I’m curious about the world we live in and the cultures that surround me. I like to challenge myself and have lots of different things to write and talk about so it kind of suits me that I have to try so hard with everything. So, for this very reason I have come to an agreement with myself, that rather than fretting over every single thing (as I did very much in my early twenties), I know that things can be as good as I make them. Something which I am still very much learning now.

The point is, is that if you’re like me, sticking to things can be hard. But, what speaks volumes about who we are is in said in the way we execute our ideas, the way we manage ourselves and most importantly, the way we persevere and motivate ourselves.  As sometimes we would rather be sat on the sofa under a blanket, brew (or gin for me) in hand, watching endless movies and just shutting off from the world.

So even if you miss a goal or don’t always do your best because you’re just having one of those days which we ALL do, just take a breath, reflect and learn from it.

We’re all guilty of breaking our resolutions, although I know I don’t speak for everyone, and I know it’s mainly due to being so busy that sometimes our planned schedules completely re-arrange themselves just because of LIFE!

We’re not being selfish by neglecting our resolutions, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Sometimes it is just best to have lots of little goals that we want to accomplish rather than one huge one that lasts all year.

Whatever it is your thinking of doing next year, whether you start off with 100 goals or 10, I’m sure you’ll do and stick to what is best for you and I hope you enjoy every single minute of making the most of another year!



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